THERE’S no getting away from it, choosing a senior school for your child is likely to be one of the most influential decisions you will have to make – and, like all big decisions, it requires some research.

Hospitality lets you take flight Big school – do your homework!

Do your homework Read the Ofsted report on the schools you have in mind. The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) is the government body responsible for inspecting schools and measuring their success in a range of areas. Find Ofsted reports at Each state school has a data dashboard on the site, providing a summary of how well the school is doing in terms of exam results, pupils’ progress and attendance.

sector offering a huge range of roles – whether that’s in a restaurant, hotel, on a cruise ship, a pub, or in contract catering – but an industry that now creates one in every five newjobs in the UK. The diversity of the sector pro-

vides buckets of opportunity for all ages and abilities, to those with confidence and an enthusiasm for customer service. In fact, just over a third of jobs are offered to those under the age of 25. While the hoursmay be long and

Open your mind Attend an open evening and, maybe, include a school or two you may not have been considering, but that your child could get into. You might be pleasantly surprised.

View the school prospectus A prospectus should be easy to access, consistent, and have a clear sense of audience. You should be able to download a copy from the school’s website.

National league tables Data from the School and College Performance Tables shows how well students at each school have done in their exams at ages 11, 16 and 18.

pay levels might start low, it is an industry in which the sky is liter- ally the limit, whether that’s rising up the career ladder at home, or let- ting your new skills take flight around the world. The industry also boosts a quick progression path for the right candidates, with more people achieving manage- ment status by the age of 30 than in any other sector. Most of the chain hotels offer ap-

ent and refreshed perspective on the challengeswe face on a day-to- day basis.” Kent Business School is in the top

prenticeship schemes for school- Country Club in Bearsted, like

20 in the UK for business,manage- ment and marketing graduate ca-

MBA at KBS, I was keen for my team to benefit from the same learning experience. Attending strategic masterclasses enabled us to lift our heads up from our own operations and look, conceptually and theoretically, at the forces and models that are at play within our industry and our business. “It has provided uswith a differ-

the University of Kent’s campuses inCanterbury andMedway, offers tailored training programmes and strategic masterclasses for busi- nesses, aswell as a popularMaster of BusinessAdministration course. One person who benefited from

the latter is Simon Rudland, the Head of Retail Operations atWait- rose. He said: “Having studied formy

Consider all the options Today there are many choices when it comes to the type of school your child might attend, such as an academy, free school, grammar or a faith school. Know how they differ and what each has to offer.

Academies are state schools that are independent of the local authority. They have freedom to deliver their own curriculum, set their own term dates and school times. Some also specialise in particular areas such as sport.

Kent Business School’s new building in Canterbury and right, Carl Lincoln This scheme, called Pitch It!, has

leavers or there’s higher or further education, learning on the job or a degree in hotel or cateringmanage- ment to think about Progression andmobility across departments is actively encouraged, as is special- ism. The Tudor ParkMarriottHotel&

reer prospects. As part of their work with em-

ployers, organisations are invited to provide a business challenge for student teams, who then research and analyse the issues, looking at practical, innovative solutions and then pitch to a panel of representa- tives, highlighting their findings and recommendations for consid- eration.

Comprehensives are state schools that admit students with a range of academic abilities. Most state secondary schools are comprehensive. For example, a faith school is likely to be comprehensive, but their admissions criteria will be different.

Faith schools are mostly Christian. Many of the academy schools established before May 2010 have Christian sponsors, and many of the proposed Free schools are faith schools. Faith schools have separate admissions criteria to other schools, such as church attendance. Voluntary-aided faith schools concentrate on a particular faith, while voluntary-controlled or foundation schools teach a religious education syllabus with a more multi-faith approach.

many other large group hotels, of- fers staff ongoing training and de- velopment. The four-star hotel also actively encourages staff to work up the career ladder or to move into newareas,with its restaurants, golf club and leisure centre offering further chances to change direction and specialise.

It’s worth noting that Secondary schools have

Personality profile First, consider your child’s strong points and weaknesses and the academic environment in which he/she is most likely to thrive.

Here we look at what you might like to consider to come up with the right answer for your child. It’s not only a rapidly growing

Grow your business skills

WITH our TV sets bulging on a diet of programmes about baking, it’s small wonder many of us are tempted to look at turning a love of cooking into a career in hospitality. The school, which has bases on

primary Feeder schools from which their pupils come. Schools that have a variety of feeder schools can be a good choice if you want your child to have a sense of a fresh start, whereas schools with only a few can give your child a sense of continuity, if they attended one of them. If a child joins a secondary from one of its feeder schools, it is also likely the secondary school will have knowledge of their previous education. Ask what feeder schools the secondary school has; your primary school can also let you know what secondary schools it feeds into.

Pooja Kaushik is the hotel’s

human resources co-ordinator. She said: “Our HR director started out as a food and beverage supervisor and as a company we firmly be- lieve in training future generations to be customer confident. These life skills are transferable, you just need that urge to learn. “There’s also one of our 600

involved many local, regional and national businessed and led to stu- dent projects, internships and job offers. Carl Lincoln explained: “I took

Free schools are a recent government initiative. They are academies that are publicly funded independent schools, free from local authority control. All free schools are publicly scrutinised through inspections and tests. Many of the current free schools are of a religious denomination.

properties in 110 countries around the world to consider when it comes to choosingwhere towork.” The Marriott runs career events,

part in a Pitch It! Session for Inte- grated Technologies Ltd (ITL), an internationalmedical device design and manufacturing company. The directors were so impressed they

Grammar schools select by ability. Pupils have to pass their 11+ to gain entry. If your child is highly academic, and likely to thrive in an intellectually challenging environment, then it is worth considering a grammar School. Kent County Council or your neighbouring LEA Admissions sections will be able to tell you about grammar/selective schools in your area.

works with schools, such as Corn- wallis andMaplesden Noakes and the Jobcentre. It also provideswork experience and placements, which are so crucial to anyone looking for a job within hospitality and has its own apprenticeship scheme. Formore details visitwww.mar- You could also check out the dozens of websites offering further information and colleges, such asHadlow,which of- fers courses including food safety in catering.

offered me a job in sales and mar- keting and I have been working at ITL ever since.” This year, the Canterbury branch

will be moving to a brand-new building, while theMedway site is based on the Historic Dockyard in Chatham, in the Sail and Colour Loft – a building originally built in 1723.

GROWTHon a personal and professional level is a key aimat theKent Business School,which has more than 25 years’ experience in delivering high-quality degrees.

Is your child due to start school in September 2018?

Archbishop Courtenay Primary School, Eccleston Road, Maidstone, Kent ME15 6QN Telephone: 01622 754666


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OPEN AFTERNOON 1.45 pm until 3.00 pm

We’re one of the UK’s top training providers for hairdressing, barbering, beauty and management apprenticeships. Join us and work alongside industry professionals to kick start your career in hairdressing.

Archbishop Courtenay Primary School provides a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for all children. The ‘State of the Art’ building and extensive school grounds allows for exciting and real life learning experiences to take place to enable all pupils to reach their potential. In June 2015 the SIAMS Inspection Report concluded that Archbishop Courtenay Primary School was a “good” school and Ofsted in June 2017 reported that

For parents of children for September 2018 intake Tuesday 3 dr

Principal’s Address at 18:00 and 19:30 Wed nesday 4 ht

“All staff are committed to promoting pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development”

Commencing at 09:00

We look forward to welcoming you and giving you the opportunity to meet our wonderful pupils and staff.

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22 24 Maidstone October 2017 Maidstone November 2017

Earn while you learn with a Saks Apprenticeship! Gain hands on salon experience from day one, and learn what it takes to become a super star stylist in our fabulous Saks Academy, from best- in-business Saks Educators; offering top quality level two and three Hairdressing and Barbering apprenticeship training. Want to know more? We would love to hear from you!


Thursday 2nd November 17:00-20:00 Principal’s Address at 18:00

Octobe r October 17:00-20:00

"Tis school is a harmonious, diverse community where differences are both respected and celebrated." "Pupils are very polite, helpful and interested in the world and other people …Tey say that the school is caring and people are kind." Ofsted June 2016

Passionate Achieving

Tuesday 28th November 2017 Or

Wednesday 29th November 2017 9.30 – 10.30 a.m.

Respec t Caring

If you would like to book a visit please contact Mrs Webster on 01622 753322 E-mail

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