Street food trailblazers, KERB, are currently undergoing a three week rebuild of their 34 trader, 364-day-a-year KERB Camden Market.

After 12 months of record- breaking trading, KERB are bringing in brand new custom built kiosks for the market traders and a new layout, maximising the space and improving the overall experience - for traders and customers alike. KERB will be unveiling their beautiful new home officially on 7th October and with it, five brand spanking new traders; Only Jerkin’, Wei Wei’s, Bapitta, Spicebox and The Big Cheese, adding to what is already the greatest food line up in London. KERB Camden Market officially reopens on 7th October.

Since launching, KERB Camden Market has been voted one of Time Out’s top restaurant openings of 2016 and has fed over 1.5 million people over the past 12 months, with a number of KERB traders gaining social media notoriety from The Cheese Wheel’s freshly rolled pasta dunked into a wheel of cheese, to Oli Baba’s halloumi fries.

The rebuild will bring 34 attractive and super-functional new kiosks and a revised layout that will take the market to a whole new level. KERB’s brand spanking new traders to look out for include:

• Spice Box - Plant powered magic boxes of Jackfruit Tikka Masala, Sweet Potato and Summer Greens Peanut Curry and more

• Only Jerkin’ - Jamaican Soul Food - putting a twist on dishes with traditional jerk flavours!

• Wei Wei’s - Wheel cake extraordinaires • Bapitta - A brand new KERB trader • The Big Cheese - A brand new project from Oh My Dog!

Ian Dodds, Head Of Markets, KERB, comments:

“Please do join us in October to see the next stage in the life of KERB Camden Market – a truer vision of our intentions for the site and another big step forward for London street food, with 34 brilliant traders in action 7 days a week throughout the year.”

This October, KERB celebrate 5 years of street food trailblazing with a star- studded birthday bonanza bigger and better than ever before. KERB will be bringing back old faces (KERB Alumni) to trade alongside the new (inKERBator graduates) and cook up a never-created- before KERBlaboration-themed £5 dishes at the 5th birthday party - (behold street food titans Bleecker x Bao going head to head with the surprise “Blao”; Vicky’s x BluTop’s ice cream donut toastie and Decatur x Project Sandwich’s NYC Bodega store deli sandwich, to name a few). Also for the birthday extravaganza KERB will invite four KERB Alumni back (Bleecker Burger, Yum Bun, The Ribman and Rola Wala) to guest trade at their KERB Gherkin lunch market alongside releasing the KERB LIFE podcast - a sonic feast exploring the London food scene.

KERB’s 5th Birthday Party will take place on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October under the Kings Cross Canopy. KERB’s returning Alumni including Bleecker Burger, Yum Bun, The Ribman and Rola Wala will be popping up at KERB Gherkin lunch market every Thursday throughout October.

ABOUT KERB KERB are the street food trailblazers OCTOBER 2017 43

who have been been at the forefront of London’s ever growing street food scene since they started in 2012. Through their free all-weekender public events, Private Events Catering and their six successful street food markets at London Bridge, King’s Cross, West India Quay, The Gherkin, Paddington, and KERB Camden Market, they are making London taste better by transforming the city’s concrete pavements into spaces of deliciousness and fun, where customers can eat their hearts out and traders can thrive and grow their businesses. They also launched their inKERBator scheme this year to help grow new street food talent.

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