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ConnectedCooking, Club Rational and My Frima have joined forces to create one of the biggest online portals for professional chefs, offering even more convenience, safety and inspiration. The platforms complement one another to perfection and offer a whole host of services relating to professional cooking and Rational and Frima appliances at one click.

“Networked kitchens are Rational’s and Frima’s big focus for the future,” says Simon Lohse, Managing Director of Rational UK, of the tie-up. “We feel that it’s important to make access to it as straightforward as possible for our customers,” says Lohse. As such, all login data remain valid, and old and new members alike can now register once and use everything. Services such as an extensive database of recipes, how-to videos and tips and tricks by professional chefs can also be used without needing to link up appliances.

“ConnectedCooking has already met with an enthusiastic response among our customers and has proven to be helpful in everyday kitchen use. Once you get used to a networked kitchen, you won’t want to do without it,” says Lohse.

36 OCTOBER 2017

After all, one of the world’s biggest platforms for professional chefs offers an array of benefits. Personal cooking programs and several thousand recipes from the international recipe database can be transferred directly from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone onto your appliances and managed centrally. This makes it an easy process, while also ensuring that all Rational appliances are working with the same standards. Updates are also performed automatically and free of charge, doing away with the need for more complicated transfers via a memory stick. In addition, ConnectedCooking users receive push messages about the latest status in real time, notifying them about what is happening with their appliances. It’s ideal for anyone who is working across various kitchens. Just as important for operators is the management of user profiles to make specific appliance functions accessible only to a clearly defined user group. This ensures consistent quality in spite of different levels of training amongst the staff. Safety is also hugely important to Rational when it comes to hygiene.

As such, HACCP documentation is automatically generated for each appliance. Also if an appliance ever

requires help from a technician, the service partner can be notified automatically and make their decisions quickly and effectively on the basis of the specified service data.

“When ConnectedCooking was released in spring, I was one of the first to connect their kitchen. I was won over not only by its benefit for everyday work in my branches, but also due to the fact that my data is absolutely secure, as it uses the latest encryption technology,” says Torsten Machold, Head of Product Management Aveato Business Catering, of his experience with ConnectedCooking. Would he recommend it? “Absolutely,” he states. “My working day would look very different without it.” Above all, integration into the network is very simple for new users: Using appliances from the 09/11 generation, SelfCookingCenter and CombiMasterPlus can be connected to a PC, Tablet or Smartphone via a LAN cable or W-LAN module. Simply register appliances and everything starts running automatically. You’re connected with all functions at a single click. For a first glimpse, lots of inspiration and more information about the high-performance platform, go to:

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