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Effortless balustrade installation at City Peninsula with C.R. Laurence’s TAPER-LOC®


Over 160 apartments at City Peninsula, Greenwich, have benefited from fast and easy installation of stunning glass balustrade systems using C.R. Laurence’s effortless TAPER-LOC®

Dry Glaze Balustrade System.

City Peninsula is one of the largest and most ambitious urban regeneration schemes ever seen in Europe with 166 luxurious apartments and triple level town houses, all benefiting from spectacular 360° panoramic riverside views.

C.R. Laurence is the leading supplier to the glazing, railing, architectural and construction sectors and their innovative TAPER-LOC®


was used along with base shoe channels to secure the cantilever glass balustrading to the balconies on the apartment blocks.

The development for clients Bellway Homes, was designed by RMA Architecture Ltd and constructed by Principal Contractors, Ardmore Group.

Tony Hall, Foreman of Steel Fixer at Ardmore Group commented, “We used approximately 2,500 units over 19 storeys and had no failed units. The wedges were positioned at 200mm centres on the advice of Building Control when we did the sample test panels, and the system was approved by all parties. The product worked wonderfully, was fit for purpose and was easy to use. The product information and instructions were also very clear.”

The balconies are designed to allow residents to take full advantage of the outside areas around the development. “The clean lines of the cantilever balustrade solution offered a simple but effective method to enclose the different types of balconies. The fully glazed enclosure allows river and city views and enhances the feeling of openness within the apartments”, said Joanna Lewinski, Partner at RMA Architecture Ltd.

Reducing installation time of glass railings and balustrades by up to half compared to alternative methods, the Standard TAPER-LOC®

system is

suitable for 12mm to 25.52mm toughened/toughened laminated glass making it a versatile option. Meeting BS 6180:2011, AbZ and CEBTP requirements, TAPER-LOC®

has a unique design that uses precision

tension to secure the glass in the aluminium base show without the use of cement. Using CRL’s exclusive TLK12 installation and removal tool, the Tapers simply slide horizontally in the base shoe before being compressed, where it expands and locks into place. The same tool can be used to loosen the tapers for glass alignment or replacement, enabling scratched or broken glass to be easily replaced.

The development has also secured an ECO Homes excellent ratings award and the exterior elevations to the building are greatly enhanced by the glass fronted balconies which give a contemporary and luxurious feel to the development.


has a unique design that lets you apply precision tension to lock it in place, securing the glass in your aluminium base shoe without the use of messy cement. Your installation time is reduced by up to 50% while still exceeding code standards. Unique because they use a horizontal taper lock design, TAPER-LOC®

CRL’s exclusive TLK9 installation/Removal tool. This tool mechanically C.R. LAURENCE

slides the Tapers horizontally in the base shoe and compresses them together. When compressed they expand in thickness and lock in place. When the correct tension is applied, the torque wrench will ‘click’ and break for a few degrees of rotation. The same tool will also loosen the Tapers for glass alignment or replacement, so if the glass panel is scratched or broken it can be replaced with ease, with no mess, no large expense, delay or disruption to the rest of the balustrade.

CRL supply the entire range of balustrade accessories and tools, and can also assist with your design plans. TAPER-LOC®

has a dedicated website featuring demonstration and installation videos, case studies and a technical resource with engineering reports, photos and typical installation details.

“CRL’s range of Architectural Hardware is first-rate. In particular, their TAPER-LOC®

System enabled a fast and efficient installation, which not only makes our job easier but keeps costs to a minimum. Their products are also backed up with an excellent Technical Support division™.

For more information regarding TAPER-LOC® Tapers are simply installed with Dry Glaze Balustrade

System, or any other product from CRL’s extensive Architectural Hardware range, contact them on freephone 00800 0421 6144, email or refer to

TEL: 00 800 0421 6144 7


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