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Delta (Type C) Cavity Drain System

providing alternative accommodation for their families left homeless. The BRE states that masonry under typical conditions will dry out at a rate of 25mm, per month, per thickness of substrate.

Flood water also contains contaminates which require sterilisation.

In order to significantly reduce downtime, a Delta membrane can be fitted to the walls as demonstrated within the BRE test house. The Delta membrane is a HDPE extruded sheet, ‘its dimpled’ and therefore provides an immediate barrier against the effects of salts and contamination caused by water ingress allowing fast track reinstatement at the same time allowing the wall to dry out. Similarly when a solid floor is constructed; an overlay with Delta MS20 also demonstrated in the BRE test house which is a 20mm extruded sheet prior to the inclusion of finishes such as insulation and screed. In short the walls and floor have been lined with a cavity drain membrane which provides an air gap.

Secondly, the structure was made more resilient by installing a Delta perimeter drainage channel rebated into the floor, this deals with any ground water which may rise through the floor in the future, or through the walls behind the MS500, the drainage channel collects the water from beneath and behind the membranes and immediately evacuates it to the Delta packaged pump station which houses two submersible pumps, the lower end of the spectrum Delta pump will evacuate 2 litres per second per pump so a total of 240 litres per minute. We can offer alternative pumps that will evacuate 6 litres per second each.

A further modification, a standard 110mm pipe was laid within the slab and tuned up 90 degrees to provide drainage outlets which finish flush with the floor finishes, which can be located in unobtrusive locations covered

The Flood Resilient House flooded by Hertfordshire Fire Department

with a floor grill, as installed in the BRE flood house. This was designed to pick up water that may bypass flood gates which should be installed in conjunction with the system and immediately evacuate it reducing damage, floors are typically tiles in floor mapped areas after flooding to reduce damage and other products can be installed such as waterproof insulation and plasterboard and screeds.

The Delta system can be installed both into existing properties and in new construction. As with below ground waterproofing each design is bespoke to the property and associated risk.

The BRE have sought to test a flood resilient property in its ability to protect from water ingress and to demonstrate its resilience in how soon it can be reoccupied. Sustainability has been proven, as shown on BBC1 Countryfile on Sunday 19th February 2017, the Flood Resilience House was a great success. Flooded by Hertfordshire Fire Department for the BBC1 filming, the Flood house superseded expectations. The property highlighted it was capable of both resistance and resilience. Tom Heap’s feature as shown on BBC Countryfile gives an amazing summary.

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd, has teamed up again with Packaged Pump Systems to create the next generation intelligent pump station high level alarm. Delta’s AlertMaxx2 paired up with the PPS ‘PumpSecure’ monitoring plan, provides home owners total piece of mind and worry free pump station operation. AlertMaxx2 can be a standalone high level alarm alerting home owners locally of high water conditions, but when connected through Wi-Fi to the PPS ‘PumpSecure’ system it becomes a whole new ball game!

Delta MS500 with 10mm Qwik-seal plug (self sealing grommet)

Delta pump and sump chamber. Delta sumps are computer modelled and designed to cope with groundwater pressure to avoid collapse.

Great achievement for Delta

Delta Membrane Systems Limited was awarded the Property Care Association, Property Care Innovation and Sustainability Award 2017 on Thursday 4th May for their entry on the Flood Resilient House project. The Property Care Association (PCA) is the trade association representing specialists across the UK who can be trusted to resolve problems affecting buildings. The Innovation and Sustainability Award is a great achievement for Delta Membrane Systems Limited.


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