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Crime reports

was vital that any crimes in the areawere reported to the police. If no crimeswere reported, there would be no police presence. Harrietsham in Bloom Flower beds on the village green had been vandalised. Residents should inform HIB if theywere aware of any further issues. Cllr Dean had met with members of HIB to discuss the mound on the A20 by The Hollies. Itwas agreed that the area would be strimmed and tidied, but due to the overhanging trees, more thought needed to be given to planting.Aplanter would be added somewhere on that corner, where it would not obstruct the sightline for drivers pulling out ofWest Street. Affordable housingAresident said that most people whowere desperate for housing did not meet the critieria to be added to the housing list. Cllr Powell said thiswas a national problem and a meeting was being arranged regarding funding to alleviate the issue. Teers Meadow The ragwort pull had been stopped as the Cinnabar caterpillarwas found on site. This is a protected species that feeds off the ragwort. Highways Patching had taken place at Flint Lane and Birchalls Wood Road. Following flooding in Church Lane, photoswere taken of full drains and gulleys and itwas noted that some of the drain coverswere damaged. Highways steward KerryAnne Stillwas to arrange for the gulleys and drains to be cleared and Cllr J Sams said a maintenance schedulewas needed. Roadworks Cllr Stanley raised concerns about the work on the Ashford Road at the Church Road development. The parish council had not received notice of these works from Kent Highways. Cllr T Sams would find out the permit number as itwas a safety issue for vehicles trying to join the A20.

Church Road footpath The clerk reported that Amey, which would be looking into the formation of the footpath on behalf of KCC, had forwarded a leer that would need to be signed by the parish council before the investigation work could be started. There were some concerns regarding future liability. It indemnified KCC against any injury caused by poor design and would leave the parish council liable for any claim. Councillorswere not keen to sign the leer. The clerkwas to see if therewas any other company that could assist with the design. NoticeboardAt a meeting of the Village Hall Trust, the trustees had asked whether the parish council intended to replace the noticeboard outside the hall as it had been

A VAUXHALL van was broken into in Lenside Drive, Bearsted, and power tools including a DeWalt drill were stolen. A Ford Transit van inWare Street, Bearsted, was broken into and power tools including a DeWalt drill and a Makita cordless drill were stolen. Sheds at the crematorium in Bearsted

Road were broken into and items including handtools, strimmers, push mowers, backpack blower and a petrol ride-on buggy were stolen. In Lenham Heath Road, Lenham, someone cut through a fence to gain access to break into a stables and release a horse. A house was broken into in Pilgrims

Way, Harrietsham, and gold jewellery was stolen. A vehicle parked in the road in Holm

damaged. The booking clerk had informed Cllr Moore that a replacement noticeboard to match the hall one would cost about £500, but had not supplied any documents to support this. Councillors felt thiswas very expensive for a plain metal board and asked that Cllr Moore look into other options.


Relief road Itwas suggested that a South East Maidstone Relief Road action group be set up to champion the need for a Leeds/Langley relief road and to that end, County Cllr Gary Cooke would organise a public meeting. Signs had been provided which residents could buy to show support for a relief road. TheWillAct action group aended the parish meeting. The group represented residents ofWillington Street and the surrounding area, who are campaigning for a relief road to the south and east of Maidstone. They have many supporters and many signs have been appearing locally. Leeds Parish Council would be meeting them to discuss a joint approach. If any resident would like a sign, they can be purchased at hps:// HighwaysAresident had asked if a formal traffic census had, in the recent past, been carried out on the B2163. The parish council would make enquiries.Aresident had advised that a bollard outside Ashbank coages had been demolished by a lorry. The police would be informed. Leedswebsite Residents can sign up for the parish council newsleer (100 are signed up) or make comments on the forum page. Street lighting All lights throughout the villagewere now operating. Police report There had been theft of strawberries from Back Street; burglary in Upper Street; number plates stolen from a vehicle in George Lane; criminal damage to a vehicle in Farmers Close (house to house enquiries completed and camera put in situ); burglary in Forge Lane (theft of hedge strimmer and damage to padlock); burglary and theft of two chainsaws in Upper Street. Village gardener Two applicants had shown interest. It is proposed that the gardener will look to maintaining the roses and beds between the cemetery gate and Ashbank coages and the beds either side of the entrance to Wykeham Grove. Village hallAresident in Wykeham Grove had complained to the parish council about excess noise and disruption from the activity held in the hall on a Saturday evening.

Informationwas passed on to two members of the hall commiee for them to take action. FlytippingAresident had given permission to have CCTV installed on his property in Forge Lane to identify/deter flytippers. Ledium Farm The Maidstone Council representative advised that Gallagher Group was proposing a care home to the front of the site with 38 assisted living units to the rear along with a shop.


Cricket fieldAresident said overhanging branches of the trees on the boundary of the cricket field in Ham Lanewere obstructing vehicles. Cllr Scrivens would inform KCC Highways. Communitywarden Thewarden reported two cases of flytipping, and highlighted concerns that rogue traderswere operating locally. The advicewas not to employ door- to-door traders and to call 101 if suspicious. Speedwatch Cllr J Sams suggested a joint initiative with Harrietsham Parish Council to organise Speedwatch to cover both parishes.Ameeting would be organised to further the project. Neighbourhood planAmeetingwas to be organised with officials of Lenham Wanderers FC to discuss provision of sport services, if theWilliam Pi field became unsuitable due to surrounding developments. Allotments Negotiations to buy the Ham Lane site for allotments and community use was progressing following a meeting with a representative of St John Ambulance. GroomWayAresidentwas concerned about the tree behind their home, whichwas the responsibility of the parish council. The trees along the boundary of GroomWay and the Paddockwere due to be removed once the development started, the site had been sold at auction and the new owners would be contacted. Car park Cllr Scrivens said the hedges and vegetation needed to be cut back in the Maidstone Road car park and the gullies cleaned.Ameeting with Maidstone Borough Council would be arranged. Highways Cllr Scrivens said the new signs regarding large vehicleswere proving effective. He would ask that hedges be cut back at Sandway junctions. Cllr Smith-Essex asked for a safety mirror a the junction of Crabtree Lane and Forstal Road. Cllr Scrivens would ask KCC. Itwas reported that a large tree branch had fallen on Bull Hill but itwas not blocking the road.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police

Mill Lane, Harrietsham, was broken into. Items were removed without consent

after a communal bike shed was broken into in Horwood Road, Harrietsham. A red Honda mower was stolen from a garden in Broomfield Road, Kingswood. Parts were stolen from a Peugeot Partner

van parked in a parking bay in Grampian Way, Downswood. Parts were missing from inside the vehicle and the engine compartment. In Douglas Road, Lenham, someone attempted to break into a vehicle. No access was gained but damage was caused.

There was an attempt to break into outbuildings in Lenham Heath Road but no access was gained.


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