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CHAIRMAN:Bob Hinder CLERK: Pauline BowderyASST CLERK: Melanie Fooks Parish Office, Beechen Hall,Wildfell Close,Walderslade, ME5 9RU

Tel: 01634 861237 email: Website: Contact details for parish councillors can be obtained fromthe parish office, the Useful Contact Details leaflet or the website School plan ‘in

wrong place MAIDSTONE Borough Council’s planning committee is to consider the planning application for a school off New Cut Road, Grove Green, at itsAugust 24 meeting,. Traffic and parking issues are the

main concern of the parish council and residents. The parish council will speak to the committee and, should the application be permitted, has requested yellow lines for Grovewood Drive South. With more than 25 residents ob- jecting, and the possibility of two more schools being proposed for the KIMS site and the large scale devel- opment proposed for Maidstone, there is concern that the local infra- structure will not cope. It is being suggested that the on-

site car parking is reduced to try to force car sharing and use of public transport. Chairman of the environment committee Wendy Hinder said: “Everyone would like students to have the opportunity to attend schools offering specialist courses. However, with the current lack of improved infrastructure, the parish council feels that this is just the wrong location.” Through the work of the parish council and its officers,more than 70 residents were kept updated by emails on the progress of this plan- ning application and other issues.

Bid to trace war heroes

THE parish council is trying to trace the families of R V S Hadlow and F Dennis, as it is believed that their names have been missed off the Box- leywar memorial. Chairman of the estates committee

Vic Davies said: “Research has shown that sometimes families did notwant to have their son’snamein- cluded as it would be a painful re- minder every time theywalked past a war memorial. It has been sug- gested that one name might have been omitted because the man was illegitimate.” The parish council would wel-

come contact from anyone related to the two gentlemen. Plans have been made to add any missing names in time for the cente- nary commemoration of the end of WorldWar I.


Birds flocking to our natural open spaces

TWO residents living next to Weavering Heath in Grove Green have recorded more than 26 bird species in their garden, at or flying over the heath. They range from sparrows and

blue tits to woodpeckers and spar- rowhawks. The heath, with its wooded areas, brambles and heathland, obviously provides good and varied habitats for not only birds, but butterflies too. Since its planting and the estab- lishment of a meadow in the top part of the site,Weavering Diamond Jubilee Orchard in Grove Green has also attracted many more bird species and insects, with woodpeck- ers, jays and blue tits regularly

Rubbish bin vandalised

VANDALS have destroyed a bin at the Weavering Diamond Jubilee Orchard. Arrangements are being made

to have it repaired or replaced. Anyone with information about

the damage should contact the police, quoting incident number YY23177/17.

Funding for theWarren

BOXLEY Warren, a site of spe- cial scientific interest off Pil- grimsWay, Boxley, is to benefit from some funding, in addition to what is provided by Boxley Parish Council. The Old Chalk New Downs Project, which is officially launched on October 15, is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and focuses on restoring chalk grassland and other downland habitats between Kemsing and Detling. Friends of Boxley Warren (FoBW), who have monthly task days at the site, will be attend- ing the launch with a display of

Maidstone East September 2017

what they have achieved in the past few years. FoBW chairman Bob Hinder

has already given the project manager a guided tour of the site and a meeting will be held in September to discuss the funding that could come to Box- leyWarren. He is currently put- ting together some suitable projects. Anyone who is interested in becoming a volunteer can con- tact the chairman via the parish office.

Recent work includes in- stalling two ponds, coppicing and creating wildlife habitats.

sighted by visitors. The heath is managed by Maid-

stone Borough Council and has a sports wall and excellent views of the North Downs, whilst the or- chard is run by Boxley Parish Coun- cil and has a play area. When the apple trees mature, they will hope- fully provide lots of fruit for resi- dents.

Hazelnuts, Kentish cobnuts and damsons can be picked at the site, with wild cherry trees providing fruit for the birds. Walderslade Woodlands is 40 hectares of ancient woodland, ex- pertly maintained by volunteers for the wildlife and local community. With numerous habitats for flora

and fauna, and with over 30 key flora species and orchids, it is a valu- able open space. The chairman of the parish coun-

cil, Bob Hinder, said “Sometimeswe focus on the negative aspects of liv- ing in the south east, with excess de- velopment and traffic, but we are also blessed with some great local spaces and countryside that are free towander through.” Boxley Parish Council uses some

of the precept paid by all properties in the parish to fund open space maintenance and importantly the volunteer groups that work to main- tain and improveVintersValley Na- ture Reserve, Boxley Warren and Walderslade Woods.

Crossing news

THE possibility of a safer crossing point on Grovewood Drive North has moved closer with County Cllr Paul Carter agreeing to pay for the traffic and pedestrian survey. The surveys are needed to ensure

that the crossing is in the right place and that its design is safe and able to be installed. The survey will consist of aweek

of lines across the road to judge the speed of vehicles and a day of ob- serving pedestrians. There will be a slight delay in carrying out the surveys as they have to be under- taken during school term time.

Email alerts RESIDENTS can sign up to receive email alerts on planning, road clo- sures, crime spikes etc in their area. Email the parish office with your address and you will be added to the list, which is not circulated or given to anyone else.

Planning load THEREwas no time off for members of the environment committee in August, although therewasnomeet- ing. More than 17 planning applica- tions have been received, with councillors being consulted on each one to ensure that adecision reaches MBCbefore the deadline.

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