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KCC/MBC reports Cllr Shellina Prendergast advised the council, with regard to heavy goods vehicles using Liverton Hill, to collect data using a LorryWatch approach and write to her on the issue of 7.5 tonne signs. If therewere any further abandoned caravans, she advised the clerk to write to John Edwards and Maidstone Council with a copy to her. Speedwatch itwas noted that therewere problems arising from the approvals process. HGVsigns Thesewere now in place but too small. Cllr Turner would write to Cllr Prendergast. LorryWatch Itwas agreed that this would be explored.

Broomfield and Kingswood

Borough report Cllr Gill Fort reported that regarding the Leeds/Langley Relief Road (LLRR), KCC continued to work on route proposals that would benefit traffic congestion relief to the south of Maidstone, including an impact assessment at Five Wents and the Horseshoes junctions. South Maidstone had the poorest air quality in the borough as a result of traffic. The anticipated costs of the LLRR would be £50-75m. KCC anticipated the route proposals would be published by the end of this year. Bin Councillors thanked Cllr Fort for help in geing the replacement Maidstone Council bin finally installed at the sports field. Policing There had been two aempted burglaries of garages in Cayser Drive and two shed burglaries in Broomfield Road when a lawnmower, petrol strimmer and chainsawwere taken. PCSO John Boyd reported that itwas now not policy for PCSOs to aend parish council meetings or supply local crime figures, which instead could be obtained from the Kent Policewebsite. He reported that there were continuing problems with household waste being dumped in a front garden, which had been going on for two years. He asked whether this had been happening elsewhere in the parish and had not been reported to the police. The clerk reported that damage had been done to the meeting area at the sports field. NeighbourhoodWatch The clerk had contacted the regional Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator whowas aware that therewas currently no co-ordinator in the parish. Planter maintenance Headteacher Darren Waters had sent his apologies. He would not be aending to discuss the primary school participation as hewas now on paternity leave. The clerk advised that the school would need to supply to the parish council a full risk assessment and provide appropriate insurance documents before pupils could work on the planters. Councillors expressed concern that this would result in further delay to the work thatwas needed. Two members of the public then came forward to volunteer to take over the replanting and management of the planters. They would liaise with the clerk andwere thanked for their help. Waste Quotes had been received from Maidstone Council for emptying parish- owned bins. The borough would not be able to empty any bins thatwere more than a few paces from the main gate due to the height

34 Maidstone East September 2017

bar limiting vehicle access. However, an alternative would be a bag collection service. The cost is £40 per roll, each containing 20 sacks.Asecond quote had been obtained from Direct 365Waste Management. Similar issues applied but a bag service would involve a cost of £130 for 50 bags. Councillors agreed to use the borough council’s bag service and for the handyman to carry out theweekly safety check once a week. Contact detailsAcouncillorwas experiencing problems with the volume of phone calls received at their home address at difficult times of the day. Itwas agreed that the contact details in the parish news would be amended to reflect that the first point of contact should be the clerk. Fire hydrants Councillors reviews the Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) proposal for communities to help manage local fire hydrants. KFRS would continue to inspect fire hydrants butwere asking communities to carry out an occasional visual inspection only and no risks should be taken at any time, but to report any defects that may be found. Councillors agreed to personally undertake a number of these inspections but asked the clerk to carry out a leer drop in the areas that they could not cover, requesting volunteers to make checks. School Cllr Friend advised councillors of parents’ concern about Kingswood Primary school admissions for September 2018 as therewere already indications that once again local children would not obtain places and that these would be given to children from outside the parish.


Crime report Parts had been stolen from a Peugeot van in GrampianWay and there had been an aempted burglary, damaging a garage door, in Horton Downs. Cllr Cheeseman said she and the chairman of Otham Parish Council had been trying to arrange a meeting with the PCSO’s supervisor to express concern that the new area covered Downswood, Otham and Parkwood and that resources would be focused on Parkwood. Police had been trying to apprehend a group of youths who had been seing fires in the area. Medical centre CllrsWeeks, Cheesman and Fairhurst aended the meeting withAtul Kantaria. CllrWeeks said councillors made suggestions regarding potential income generation, but thatAtulwas not responsive to those suggestions. Itwas proposed that the council write toAtul with ideas for the viability of the pharmacy but that without his cooperation therewas lile they could do. CllrWeeks would write to him suggesting a further meeting.With regard to the medical centre, the parish clerk had received a response from Bhupi Singh, who had no updates. Shed CllrWeeks had put some equipment in the parish council shed and said itwas becoming cluered and asked that the parish council fund shelving units at an estimated cost of £60 – thiswas agreed. Parking Cllr Butler had noticed cars parked around Downswood that had been left for some time with a silver sheet on the back seat. Cllr Newton said it would be advisable to confirm that the carswere taxed and insured. Orchard Spot Cllr Fairhurst said that after raising the maer at the last meeting, the

issue of late night fireworks had been resolved. Only three more firework parties had been booked and no more bookings would be taken. Hedging Cllr Cheesman had noticed gaps in the hedging along Deringwood Drive and wondered if Open Spaces could make a plan to fill in the gaps. Cllr Greenhead said some saplingswere available. Fly-tipping Cllr Newton had seen green waste discarded on Old Spot Lane. He had spoken toMBCwho would be more proactive in the future with enforcement notices. Grass cuings had been discarded on Old Spot Lane which he thoughtwere from one of the properties in Bournewood Drive. Cllr Greenwood raised the issue of somebody scaering a bag of children’s clothes along the path alongside Murrain Drive.

Christmas lights Cllr Cheesman said the new lights would have an impact on the Christmas lights ceremony. In view of the suggestion to decorate the pagoda, Cllr Cheesman suggested prices be sought at Peeks of Bournemouth. Display board No funding appeared to be forthcoming from KCC so it would appear to be an issue for the parish council to fund. Cllr Greenwood would research options and costings. MallardsWay Itwas agreed to carry out work with gabions to match those existing. Four signs would be provided to advise visitors not to feed the wild fowl with bread. CllrWeeks proposed £400 for these works, whichwas agreed. Garden competition All roadswere submied apart from Rhodewood and King’s Acre. Cllr Greenhead suggested one property on King’s Acre for the judges to look at. He also suggested an informal “preiest road” competition next year, but therewere concerns that this would unfairly prejudice less affluent roads. David Nuall Memorial Cllr Newtonwas thanked for his help with the memorial stone. Cllrs Newton and Greenhead would arrange to install the stone shortly before the unveiling. Rev Steve Hughes would say a few words at the unveiling. Olympicnic Cllr Cheesman asked Cllr Greenhead if he had contacted John Leaf re his availability to paint in the white lines and to provide the barbecue. The ice cream vendor had confirmed aendance. Alan Frith had confirmed that the grass would be cut on the Thursday before. Toilet delivery and collection had been confirmed. Red Cross had confirmed their aendance. There would be three gazebos. DCAupdate Therewere still problems trying to obtain a full quotation for conversion of the roof space at the community centre. Therewas concern at the proposal that the childcare providers at the centrewere to close.


Police report PCSO Rowley said five crimes had been reported since the last meeting: one theft; two burglaries; the taking of a car without consent and a case of criminal damage. There had been two calls regarding anti-social behaviour. Communitywarden The Kent Police open day had beenwell aended. Thewarden had spoken to a resident from The Hollies about barbed wire on the development, which he had since removed. Martin said it

Parish Councils

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