News Drink driver’s

three-year ban A 26-YEAR-old caught drink driv- ing in Hollingbourne has been banned from the road for three years.

Aston Crook pleaded guilty to

being over the limit on July 1 on the Ashford Road, where he gave a breath test of 73mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The legal limit is 35. Crook, fromHowardAvenue, Sit- tingbourne, was driving a Peugeot 206.

Mid Kent magistrates sentenced

him on July 21, issuing him with a 36-month driving ban, a £300 fine, £30 victim surcharge and a bill for costs of £85.

Art on show

MAIDSTONE artists are being cele- brated in a one-day exhibition at The Barn in Broad Street, Holling- bourne, from 2-6pm on September 3. A quarter of proceeds from sales will be given to the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust.

Time to naer

THE Leeds Craft and Natter group meets in the village hall onWednes- day, September 20, from 11am to 1pm. For more details, contact Jane Newsome on 01622 862558.

Sell your unwanted items

Leeds Castle calls for help from volunteers

LEEDS Castle has started to recruit volunteers to supplement the work of their full-time staff. The treasure house has decided to

adopt a path taken by the National Trust some years ago to take on un- paid staff willing to lend their ex- pertise free. So far, 24 volunteers have come

forward to help out at one of the south east’s most popular tourist at- tractions. Boss of the tourist attraction –

which boasts 600,000 visitors a year – Sir David Steel revealed the new strategy in his monthly column in the Leeds & Broomfield parish newsletter. He writes: “As we get busier, we

have decided to follow a course adopted many years ago by the Na- tional Trust and offer opportunities for volunteers to join our team. “I will be honest – as a charitywe

do not make a lot of money, and what money we do make we re- invest fully in maintaining and de- veloping the estate. “Our annual salary costs are sig- nificant and, as our number of visi-

tors continues to grow, we have asked for volunteers to assist our full-time members of staff, to pro- vide a little headroom. “As such we will be able to ad-

dress bigger projects as well as the more routine maintenance. I could not have been more delighted with the response.We now have 24 vol- unteers, working in nearly every area across the estate. “They are wonderful additions to

the Leeds Castle team and they are hugely proud to be part of the team

and to contribute to this wonderful heritage estate.” A volunteering role can also en-

hance a job-seeker’s chances of land- ing full-time employment. Sir David adds: “While they (vol- unteers) may not be paid they re- ceivemany of the additional benefits of a full-time member of staff and, for some, this is a superbway to de- velop their specialist expertise, espe- cially if they are searching for a new form of employment or skillset.” A spokesman for the National

Trust said: “We have been operating a volunteering scheme for quite some time, andwe are always look- ing for people to join us. “We have 62,000 volunteers across

the country with the National Trust. We are always looking for more, in- cluding at places in Kent like the White Cliffs of Dover.” Conservation charity, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has 12,000 volunteers who contribute almost a million hours each year to the cause. Like Leeds Castle, the RSPB aims to harness the skills its volunteers bring.

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10 Maidstone East September 2017

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