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HENRY Beerling (89) lived in Loose from 1964 until this year. He worked across the local area as a sales representative for Brooke Bond Oxo and in the motor industry moving on to managing Importers, a specialist coffee business located in Market Buildings, Maidstone. He finished his working life working in the wine department of Waitrose in Allington.

Henrywas born in Fulham, London and lived in that area and inWimbledon before moving to Loose.With his wife of 52 years, Sylvia, he brought up his daughters Linda andWendy. DaughterWendy said; “When my father

moved locally hewas able to continue working for Brooke Bond Oxo which moved him to local territory in his sales work and he covered the area all around Maidstone. His previous employment had included time in the RAF and as a London bus driver. Myfather could always see the lighter side of life and loved talking to people and having a joke. He and my mother took up ballroom dancing in their 50s and bowling after my father retired. He played at Clare Park on the Tonbridge Road and played short mat bowls in Park Wood. After hewas widowed, my father met Maureen and enjoyed a loving friendship with her until the end of his life.” In his younger days, Henry had been an

active supporter of Fulham FC and continued as an armchair fan to the end of his life. He leaves his daughters, grandchildren Oliver, Fay and Craig. His eulogy noted he “considered himself fortunate these last five years to spend precious times with a steady trickle of great grandchildren Oscar, Charlie, Leah, Chloe, Isabelle and Sophie.”

Evelyn Edwards

THE death has been announced of former Coxheath shop manageress Evelyn Edwards (68).

Born in Siingbourne as EvelynAustin,

she married Trevor Edwards andwas mother to Gemma and Gary. Evelyn lived and worked in Coxheath

from 1998 to 2007, managing The Paper Shop on Heath Road. She lived above the

shop, which is now the home of Angels Funeral Directors. After leaving the shop, Evelyn returned to Siingbourne. Amongst the tributes paid to Evelyn, her husband has noted her kind and caring nature. Evelyn leaves her husband, children and grandchildren Tia,Adam and Ramasan.

Eugenie “Jenny” Marsh

THE death has been announced of Eugenie “Jenny” Marsh (90) formerly of Furfield Close, Maidstone. Jenny who died at the PilgrimsWay Nursing Home leaves a daughter, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Doug Cope

THE death has been announced in Kintyre Argyll, Scotland of Douglas “Doug” Cope (68) a former resident of Beechwood Road, Maidstone. The death announcement described him as a “Beloved husband and son, loving father and granpa, much loved brother, dear uncle and good friend.”


DAVID Woolfries (77), of Union Street,was known locally for the five years he spent fighting for compensation from Maidstone Borough Council after his step-daughter, Julia Knight, slipped and fractured her arm after misjudging the step down from the kerb at a bus stop on King Street, Maidstone. The event occurred after changes to the

kerbs and road lay-out in the area and David Woolfries’ claims about the lack of safety in the materials used and the re-design of the areawere at the centre of arguments. David took up the case because Julia has profound learning difficulties. During the time he spent campaigning and fighting for compensation, therewere significant changes, including the painting of yellow lines and the replacement of a granite lay-by with asphalt. David worked as a draughtsman andwas married to Julia’s mother ,Edna. He died suddenly, shortly after giving evidence in the case against Maidstone Borough Council and before a verdictwas returned. His work in the case is likely to be taken over by a friend.

Tony Law THE funeral of Tony Law (64) of Chart Hill

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32 Maidstone East September 2017

Road, Chart Suon, made local headlines when hewas carried on his final journey in the bucket of a JCB digger. Tony had planned the event himself after

being diagnosed with stomach cancer and worked out the details with his son, Roger. Tony’s passion for large machinery led him to spend his working life from the age of 15 working in plant and he had been surrounded by the same trappings that made his funeral such a unique event. Carried into Vinters Park crematorium in

the bucket of a machine lent by Diggerland in Medway, Tony’s coffinwas escorted by friendswearing hi-vis jackets bearing the words “Tony Law’s Last Ride.” Tony, whose wife Barb died 10 years ago,

leaves two children, seven step-children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

John GowerQC

JOHN GowerQC(91) sat at Maidstone Crown Court andwas known for his compassion and humanity. After a career in the Royal Signals, hewas

called to the bar in 1948 and served as aQC from 1967, starting his work as a circuit judge in 1972. After ten years in East Sussex John worked

locally and sat as a deputy judge for three years after 21 years as a judge. He became known for a distinctive opening remark when passing sentence: “Now is the time for you to be punished.” His son Peter sits as a judge in Croydon.

Doug Taylor

THE death has been announced of Doug Taylor (72) of Loose. Dougwas born and brought up in Maidstone and moved to Loose in his teens. After working as a clockmaker for Norman Carter’s on Week Street, Doug worked in

telecommunications and civil engineering, for the GPO (later British Telecom). He oversaw the development of their infrastructure throughout the area.

Dougwas married to Pauline for 50 years

andwas father to Mark and Jade. Mark said: “Dad had a great deal of enjoyment from the many interests in his life andwas certainly one of life’s doers. He had a life-long involvement with the Loose Swiss Scouts, which he joined as a boy andwas still fundraising for them to the end of his life. “He had an allotment in Loose and loved spending time there, especially the social side of being an allotment holder. Throughout his life Dad combined his practical skill with a natural artistic ability, hewas always making and fixing things and was a prolific artist. “We’ve had contact with people from all

parts of his life and there have been many tributes paid online.” In one tribute paid on the site, former colleague Gary Fincham said: “Great guy, it was a pleasure to know you.” Doug leaves his wife, children and grandchildren Callum and James.

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