The Maritime Cluster of West Sweden – a tool for regional development


Region Västra Götaland’s Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) is an integrated part of the regional strategy for growth and development in Västra Götaland 2014-2020

The organisation sets out an ambition to become a leading knowledge and industrial region with world renowned research and innovation within prioritised sectors such as Life Science, Sustainable Transportation, Green Chemistry and the Marine Environment and Maritime Sector.


The Region has been working with the maritime sector for more than a decade and have worked parallel with EU policy, regionalising it to fit the way the sector looks in the region. In 2008, VGR adopted its first strategy for the maritime sector, which was updated in 2015. They also conducted an in-depth analysis of the maritime sector in the region.

The report suggested the Region continued to work with the maritime sector, focusing on six areas; maritime operations, maritime tourism, seafood, marine biotechnology, ocean governance and marine energy and to continue the


work in form of a triple helix cluster. Hence, since 2013 they have been working through a cooperation platform called the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden. The work in the field of marine energy is largely represented by the platform Offshore Väst and Ocean Energy Sweden.


This cluster is partly financed by public funding provided by the Region of Västra Götaland. In June 2016, the Region adopted an action plan with a dedicated budget for a sustainable maritime sector. The Maritime Cluster is one important tool for its implementation.

BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS Gathering regional partcipants from the maritime sector has proven a successful method, but one that requires long-term engagement and building partnerships and trust between individuals as well as organisations. The Cluster has subsequently grown to be an important voice also on the national scale, and is starting to connect internationally.

A cluster in itself may exchange ideas and knowledge with other clusters around Europe and the world and thus

may provide new knowledge, contacts and opportunities to the regional and local level.

BENEFITS The cluster offers partnership with aim to develop maritime competence and business growth, a possibility to cooperate, initiate projects and create hubs for knowledge exchange and transfer between industry, academia and public sector. The participants in the cluster believe in crosspollination between the different focus areas.

The cluster also believes in the importance of working together with other sectors such as chemical industry, life science, transport and digitalisation. Amongst the partners and networks, the cluster has a broad range of knowledge and competences and are always looking for opportunities to spread this knowledge and participate in projects relevant to the partners.

Maritima Klustret

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