SPOTLIGHT ON SWEDEN Swedish R&D powers Wales’

low-carbon transition From ABBA to H&M, from IKEA to Volvo, Sweden has a strong history of global export

With its R&D base in Gothenburg, tidal energy developer Minesto intends to add its product Deep Green to the vast list of northern export successes.

Although its name suggests something else, the ground- breaking Deep Green technology is through and through a yellow and blue invention. Originally invented by aircraft manufacturer SAAB, Deep Green has been developed by Minesto for the last ten years.

“Collaboration with Swedish academia and industry expertise has played a vital part to this journey but value is created both ways,” says Dr Heije Westberg, CTO at Minesto. “Sweden has a proud history of engineering and innovation. However, it is a tradition that needs to be diversified. You often hear about the need of reindustrialising Sweden. To do that, you have to get medium-sized industries to prosper. What’s exciting with developing new technology such as ours, is that we are actually doing that. We utilise existing supply chains and engage in collaborations domestically and internationally, to build a new export industry of high technology.“

HOLYHEAD DEEP PROJECT After five years of scale model prototype testing, Minesto

prepares for the first installation on a commercial scale – in current design a 0.5MW device – in Holyhead Deep off the coast of Anglesey, North Wales. The focus for commercialisation is Welsh tidal streams and Minesto are looking to expand its Holyhead Deep project to up to 80MW installed capacity. Such a scale would take the development of Deep Green from demonstrator to full industrial roll-out in Holyhead Deep, playing a significant part of Wales’ transition to a low-carbon, secure energy system.


It will also pave the way for global market expansion. Thanks to its unique design and operating conditions, Deep Green exploits a completely different natural resource than the rest of the tidal energy industry. Combined with its heavy IP protection, this high-end innovation has every potential of being Sweden’s next export success – offering clean, reliable and affordable electricity worldwide.



PMC Cylinders develop, manufacture and sell cost-efficient hydraulic solutions, with hydraulic cylinders as a base, to customers with high demands in northern Europe in selected segments.

The company delivers products that meet customer requirements for quality, lead-time and delivery performance.

Experience and product range They have vast experience of supplying hydraulic solutions for customers’ applications, supplying cylinders of all

sizes as well as complete systems for various environments.

The company also provide integrated systems including hydraulics and control systems. In addition to customised solutions, they offer a wide standard range of their own cylinders, piston accumulators, pulsation dampers and valve blocks.


PMC Cylinders has unique know-how in the area of systems and components for different energy systems – everything

PMC Cylinders

from development and production to installation and maintenance – and is a major supplier to energy producers around the world including industrial, mobile and marine sectors.

LEADING SUPPLIER Production takes place at five facilities in southern Sweden and one in Nastola, Finland and is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of hydraulic solutions.


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