SOLUTIONS FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Swepart focus resources in projects for a sustainable future and has a number of

different projects in progress, contributing to the development and production of smart solutions for tomorrow’s transmission needs

Hans Hansson, Technical Director at Swepart commented: “We have a high interest in contributing to a sustainable future and with our experience from the automotive industry we can also step up the level of quality and effectivity in mechanical transmissions used for renewable energy solutions.”

LEARNING FROM OTHERS Hans continued: “The industry in general has a lot to learn from the automotive industry.”

In collaboration with international and Swedish Universities, as for example the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) and Lund Technical University (LTH), Swepart is taking part in projects to improve efficiency and power density in gear boxes and transmissions by new design features, new materials and new manufacturing technologies.


Hans explained further regarding Swepart’s investment in R&D and production resources in those projects: “It is a question of surviving. A growing population and increased standard of living is a challenge for the energy supply while we must decrease the CO2- emissions. Offering products with less waste of energy will increase competitiveness and new methods to produce energy will create a lot of jobs.”

CORPOWER OCEAN WAVE POWER Swepart is one of the main partners in Corpower Ocean Wave Power project, and are taking part in the design and calculation of the gear boxes. The prototypes are machined and built at their site in Liatorp, Sweden.

Patrik Möller, CEO at Corpower Ocean, says that he expects a great potential to benefit from Swepart’s knowledge in gear technology and experience as a supplier


Rack and gearbox that transforms vertical movement from waves to rotation. The gearbox is connected to one generator at each side (blue coloured).

to the automotive industry especially when heading for serial production.

Hans clearly stated that Swepart, already in the prototype phase, have serial production in mind. The company follows the APQP-process and knows the importance of high quality and effectiveness in projects.

“The APQP-process is a standardised way of working in the projects from design to serial production developed by the automotive industry.” he concluded.

DEDICATED R&D Other products in the Swepart portfolio that can support a sustainable future are

planetary gear boxes, including some pending patents that can be used, for example, in solar energy power plants and electrified vehicles.

The company is now busy designing and manufacturing prototypes of those gear boxes and have a dedicated R&D department and two modern and highly automated production plants in South Sweden, including machines for all different methods for gear machining, hardening and gear box assembly. Both plants are certified acc to ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14000.


The industry in general has a

lot to learn from the automotive industry.

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