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NOTE: All calendar events must be received via email by the 15th of the month and adhere to our guidelines. Email for guidelines and to submit entries. No phone calls or faxes, please. Or visit to submit online.


SpiritFest Expo & Holistic Fair – Tune up your body, mind and spirit. Guest speakers are scheduled every hour. Area energy healers and practitioners, along with mind/body therapists and holistic prac- titioners, will offer massage and stress management techniques and many more healing modalities. Artwork, jewelry, and a variety of natural products. 10am-6pm. $7. The New Hope Eagle Firehouse, 46 North Sugan Road in New Hope. 267-261-2768.

The Art of Teaching Beginner Yoga – With Megan Morris. Explore beginner sequencing, how to dissect great beginner poses that can be taught in stages, and learn essential modifications and intelligent uses of props.. Plenty of time will also be allowed for answering specific questions. 9am-5pm The Yoga Loft Of Bethlehem 521 E. Fourth St. 610-867-9642

Yin Yoga – A quiet practice of stillness, in which seated, supine and prone poses are held passively for longer periods of time. These delicious, long holds allow the body to settle into the pose, revitalizing the deeper connective tissues and targeting the low back, hips and hamstrings. 4-6pm. The Yoga Loft 521 E. Fourth St., Bethlehem. 610-867-9642.


Tantric Mantra & Meditation Workshop – Let’s rethink meditation and experience a different way to calm our monkey minds without sitting in silence. Raise vibration chanting ancient Vedic mantra 3-5pm. 2hr workshop/90 minute mediation. Donation requested. $20 all proceeds go to The Seed Farm. Yoga Lab, 687 State Ave, Emmaus, 484-929-4909


Healing with Effortless Meditation™ - Greg Schweitzer. This physician recommended medita- tion technique is an antidote for stress. Gain relief from - high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, sleep, fatigue, weight problems, brain fog and more. 7:00 – 8:30 pm, $20. Twin Ponds Center, West LV, Pre-register 610.670.6700

Free Intro to Tai Chi Talk – A pre-requisite to registering for a Tai Chi series of classes. Tai-chi is a discipline that integrates mind, body, and spirit. Increases overall strength, and promotes calm and harmony by improving the flow of energy in the body. 10-11am. The Yoga Loft Of Bethlehem 521 E. Fourth St. Bethlehem 610-867-9642

savethedate Noember 2015

Greenshire Arts Consortium 3620 Sterner Mill Rd, Quakertown 215-538-0976

Event details at WWW.GREENSHIREARTS.ORG Please register for all activities

Radiant Heart Qigong: Nov 7, Dec 5 (3 pm – 6 pm) A system of practice that immerses all aspects of who we are into the infinite field of our radiant heart. Learn specific breathing techniques and movements that help activate the central energy channel and fully open to embracing your sacred heart. Jeremy Harlow, Qigong Healer and Certified Teacher. $45.

Soup Sunday, Business Card Exchange: Nov 8, 12:30 – 3:30 pm Celebrate the blessings of community. Exchange ideas, brochures. Meet like-minded individuals. Bring favorite soups, appetizers that will make our gathering a heartwarming event. RSVP requested. Love donation.

Reiki II: Nov 14, 10 am – 5 pm Learn how to transmit Reiki over distance and time, helping to heal the past and send healing into the future. Apply Reiki to ideas, situations. Assist in eliminating unwanted habits. Arlene Curley, Ph.D. $200. 8 CEs add $50.

Healthy Holiday Cooking: Nov 21, 1pm – 4 pm Tired of the same holiday feast, followed by the same holiday pounds? Lighten up your holiday favorites with this fun, interactive class. Learn to make terrific appetizers, a maple-glazed turkey, fresh gluten-free pumpkin pie and more. It’s before Thanksgiving, so there’s time to pick up ingredients and prepare your favorites! Tammy Westney, MS Nutrition, Integrative Health. $45.

Reiki III Master/Teacher: Dec 12, 13 (10 am – 5 pm) Learn advanced healing techniques. Open to another level of your own spiritual growth. This nurturing class helps you expand, integrate, cleanse, heal. Arlene Curley, Ph.D. $500 (Master), plus $300 (Teacher). 22 CEs add $100. (Teacher is scheduled during subsequent sessions.)

Quantum Spoon Bending: Dec 3, Jan 8 (6:30 pm – 8:30 pm) Learn to bend spoons using 8 different techniques based on quantum mechanics and torsion field physics. So why hold a spoon-bending class? It is not only about bending spoons! The change in material reality demonstrated by the bent utensil is a model for change. The mechanisms used are all known healing techniques. Experience how to use these techniques in your own life for personal growth and transformation. Dr. Gene Ang, Presence Healer. $55

Arcturian Healing Methods, Levels 1 – 4: Begins Jan 2016. This divine healing method is a set of new healing tools and cosmic energies inspired by higher beings. It is a form of light, energy and information meant to accelerate a person’s spiritual evolution. Dr. Gene Ang, Presence Healer. Check website for specific dates and cost.

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