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Park News


Mack unveiled the industry’s largest rollercoaster wheel during the recent IAAPA Attractions Expo. The wheel, 850mm (33.5 inches) in diameter and weighing 250 kg (551 pounds) is part of the German manufacturer’s new PowerSplash, an LSM powered boat ride that received a Brass Ring award for best new concept at November’s IAAPA Attractions Expo. The world’s first PowerSplash will open in 2016 at Walibi Belgium near Brussels. For the first time an LSM powered boat will be travelling back and forth on a U-shaped track and reaching heights of 40 meters (131 ft). With a speed reaching 100km/h (62 mph), the 20-seat boat will splash down to a final big wave. Mack will also deliver a boat ride for Zoo

Intamin During 2016 Intamin is scheduled to install 10 rollercoasters, six water rides, two observation towers, one giant drop and one wheel. The coasters include a Wing

Coaster and a Reverse Free Fall Coaster, both in the UAE, a Mega Coaster at Wanda City Nanchang in China, a Vertical Lift Coaster and a Spinning Coaster for Hainan Ocean Paradise, China, an LSM Launch Coaster and Mega- Lite Coaster, both in Chinese parks, an LSM Launch Coaster at a German park, and both a Jet Ski Coaster and 10 inversion Coaster in Turkey. Turkey also gets two water rides, a Rapids Ride and a Hyper Splash. Other water rides include a Water Coaster to a park in Europe and a Rapids Ride and Spillwater to parks in Southeast Asia. A 45 meter (148 ft) Flying Island

is destined for Wanda City Nanchang and a second to a Turkish facility. Wanda Nanchang is also taking delivery of a 80m (262ft) Gyro Drop, while a 45m (148 ft) Giant Coaster Wheel with 16 fixed and eight mobile six-passenger cabins is slated to rise at Hainan Ocean Paradise. In 2017, Intamin will open six more

rollercoasters, two giant wheels and a Dome Ride simulator. Three additional coasters and a water ride are already on the Swiss manufacturer’s books for 2018 opening.


Emmen‘s new Wildlands in the Netherlands. The 300m-long (984 ft) l will feature 10 16-seater boats that will bring guests up close to amazing animals. A new Twist ‘n’ Splash interactive water ride is headed for Wanda City Hefei, China. This will be the 12th delivery of the family ride since it debuted in 2011 at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (England). Mack Rides will supply several rides for Legoland

Dubai and Legoland Japan. A family spinning coaster, Cobra’s Curse, is set for Busch Gardens Tampa. A Tea Cup Ride is scheduled for the SunGroup in Vietnam, a Launch Coaster for Wanda Harbin, China, a Sea Storm (Happy Sailor) ride for Adventure Island in Qatar and a Boat Blaster and Twist ‘n’ Shout for Hainan Ocean Paradise, China. Non-disclosure agreements prohibit news of other new Mack projects.

Gerstlauer plans two coasters in North America

The German manufacturer Gerstlauer is delivering two new rollercoasters to North America in 2016. According to Adam Sandy of agent the Ride Entertainment Group, a steel coaster called the Monster is now under construction at Adventureland, Iowa. It replaces the park’s log ride and will be 133 ft (40m) tall, 2,500ft (762m) long, with a vertical lift and a 101ft (31m) first drop at a 101° angle. Five inversions will then follow. The second coaster has not yet been announced.

Jean-Christophe Parent, CEO of Walibi Belgium (left) meets with Mack Rides CEO Christian von Elverfeldt by the world’s biggest coaster wheel


The Dutch manufacturer’s production schedule is now booked out until July 2017. New products include a transportable 65m Inversion ride (due for delivery any day now to Germany), a 30m High Swing tower (as delivered this summer to Lund’s Tivoli in Norway) and a new spoke-less Ferris Wheel, for which there is interest from the Far East. “On the final day of the IAAPA convention [in Orlando] we were able to

close a few deals,” reports KMG sales manager Peter Theunisz. “I sold a new Speed [propeller ride] to Kissel Entertainment for a February 2018 delivery and a Speed to Powers Great American Midways for June 2017.

Vekoma “There are new parks planned all over the world,” notes Vekoma Rides Manufacturing’s Peter van Bilsen. “We see growth in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Qatar, America, Russia, and China. We currently have 47 ongoing projects around the world, the most ever.” Here are some of the projects Vekoma will deliver in 2016. There will be a long-awaited custom designed Junior Coaster for Respublica Mall, Kiev, Ukraine, a Suspended Family Coaster and a 335m (1,099ft) Junior Coaster for Ha Long Ocean Park in Vietnam, a Family Boomerang and Suspended Family Coaster for Paultons Park in the UK, a custom-designed Motorbike Launch Coaster for Berjaya near Beijing and a Suspended Family Coasters for Lavina Park in Kiev and Fantawild Adventure, Xiamen, China. Boomerangs go to Fantawild parks in Ningbo and Nanning, China, while a custom-designed Launch Coaster is destined for Energylandia in Poland and a custom-designed Dive Pretzel Coaster is set for the aforementioned Berjaya project in China. With its partners Rocky Mountain Construction and Brogent, Vekoma will facilitate the new Wildfire going to Kolmården animal park in Sweden and an I-Ride panoramic flight simulator to the Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota.


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