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EFD®787MS-SS MicroSpray™ Valve

The Complete Linear System


f you need a linear system that can be installed in minutes and will perform thousands of trouble free cycles without attention, then the HepcoMotion GV3 solution will meet your requirements in full. This low maintenance, fit and forget system matches vee bearings and slides to provide a rigid captivated system with the benefit of a smooth wiping action to lubricate the slide or clear away debris. With many design options offered through an extensive range GV3 will enhance your reputation and ours. Improve the efficiency of your machines or production processes...

• Cap seals for positive low maintenance lubrication for a long and trouble free life.

• Wide range of rail and bearing sizes to cover all load and size requirements.

• Integrated rack drive solutions saves time and cost of designing additional drive components.

• Vee geometry wipes away dirt & debris, making GV3 the best choice for use in harsh and extreme environments.

HepcoMotion® Tel: 01884 257000 Web:

enter 815 Elektron Technology

fast, controlled application of a wide range of low- to medium- viscosity fluids, including solvents, lubricants and UV-cure coatings. The new 787MS-SS valve features an innovative design that uses a small gauge disposable dispensing tip in place of a standard spray nozzle. This concentrates the LVLP air used to atomize the coating into uniform spray patterns as small as 1,6 mm in diameter—over 60% smaller than standard spray valve configuration. Benefits include greater process control, faster throughput, fewer rejects and lower production costs.


EFD International Inc. Tel: 01582 666334

Web: enter 816

Buccaneer® 7000 mains power connectors B

ased on EFD’s proven Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) precision spray technology, the new 787MS-SS MicroSpray™ Valve provides

ulgin – an Elektron Technology connectivity brand – is proud to announce the launch of the latest addition to its extensive range of environmentally-sealed circular connectors – the Buccaneer® 7000 Series for mains power applications. Designed to offer rapid and secure mains power connectivity in harsh environments, the Buccaneer 7000 is remarkably compact for its 25A and 600V rating, and has been developed to provide excellent sealing characteristics to IP67, IP68 and IP69K standards. The all new Buccaneer 7000 Series features the Buccaneer range’s tried and tested one-piece body construction, and has a unique twist locking system with positive feedback, providing quick and convenient, ‘fit and forget’ connectivity in less than quarter of a turn, without the need for technical expertise or specialist tools. Available in 2, 3, 6, 10 and 32 pole options, with a choice of fully interchangeable nickel plated, cast zinc alloy or UV-resistant, UL94-V0 flammability-rated plastic bodies.

Tel: 01803 407700 Web: enter 817

Byrun, the walking, jumping, hopping robot, built using MapleSim models

developed Byrun. F

ollowing RoboThespian, a full-sized humanoid robotic

actor, Engineered Arts has Using MapleSim, now Byrun's

designers and engineers developed a biologically analogous leg design which will give Byrun, a full- scale dynamic humanoid, the ability to walk, run, jump and hop. With a faster,

stronger, more

dexterous upper body, a virtually infinite array of facial features and the same speaking and singing abilities as his predecessor, Byrun has the potential to revolutionize human-robot interaction.

MapleSim assisted in Byrun's design by allowing engineers to simulate complex,

shock absorption, energy efficiency, and human like smooth motion curves.

The conventional approach in robotics is to use a single actuator for a single joint – Byrun will use a parallel electro-pneumatic design, where multiple actuators control single joint actions.


actuators will generate coupled motion across several axes.

This makes for more natural-looking motion, but can be difficult to control. Maplesoft, however, provides advanced solvers that can tackle the difficult multi-variant control equations used to develop Byrun's motion algorithms.

By creating virtual prototypes in MapleSim, the engineers can investigate the feasibility of


compliant components such as his pneumatic muscles and parallel springs. These are used for safety compliance,


Engineered Arts has also found MapleSim useful its

ability to simplify complex

“MapleSim's ability to automatically generate complex mathematical models, such

the leg

calculations. as

dynamics, is outstanding. Different parameters can be altered at different stages to reduce the complexity of calculations,” said engineer Guillaume Hirohide Sasagawa. “In the case of Byrun, we were able to simplify the leg dynamics, making the computations much faster.”

The engineers are also developing a robotic

hand, creating a compact, highly efficient compliant manipulator. They have designed an elbow joint with unconventional kinematic characteristic in humanoid robotics with electro-pneumatic parallel actuation, and are

making a full torso-shoulder-

arm model in MapleSim. This model will be used for solving forward kinematics, inverse kinematics, end-effecter dynamics and compliance.

Robots like Byrun are setting a new standard for both humanoid and more general robotic design.

Maplesoft Europe Ltd Tel: 01223 828 989 Web:


mechanical solutions without needing to create a series of prototypes. Byrun's hardware requires modelling, mechanical, electrical, thermal and pneumatic elements – using MapleSim, the component requirements can be anticipated in advance.

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