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Robust fixed pipe connections

he innovative piping system EISELE ALU PRO 30 with screw connections for metal pipes is the first product line of the new PIPINGLINE. This high-quality system withstands every load and fulfils the most stringent requirements for piping technology. No machining of the pipe ends is necessary during installation. It can also be used to easily retrofit existing systems or add additional distributors. ALU PRO 30 from the Eisele PIPINGLINE enables compressed air supply for all areas of application – from a simple work table to complex automation solutions – and ensures reliable supply, from the compressed air generator all the way to the consumption point.


ALU PRO 30 is also very easy to install, saving material,

time and resources during plant

construction. The patented fixed pipe connection saves costs of up to 50 percent compared with a conventional compressed air supply with aluminium profiles.

Eisele Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG Tel: +49 7151 1719-0 Web:

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he Hi-line range of HPSA (heatless pressure swing adsorption) desiccant dryers are now all equipped as standard with their new HDC-1 digital controller, providing a digital dewpoint display. In addition the range of products has been extended to cover air flow capacities from 230 to 17,000 Nm3/h as well as accommodating operating pressures up to 40 bar, with standard units rated at 11 bar. All product upgrades have been incorporated without increasing unit prices, to ensure that they still represent excellent value for money combined with high performance and increased operating capacities.

All the dryer models are fitted with safety

relief valves as standard, while generous desiccant beds save energy as the stand-by condition on dewpoint control is significantly longer. Operation is simple owing to limited moving parts being utilised with positively driven ball valve action, with no shuttle valves incorporated.

All models are built in Burton-on-Trent at

the Hi-line production facility. The pressure valves are also of UK manufacture, and supplied with full vessel documentation and CE certification. The dryer products are skid mounted, incorporating both pre and after filtration, with all associated pipework being manufactured in stainless steel.

Hi-line Industries Ltd Tel: 01283 533377

demonstrating a range of industrial workplace safety products on Stand H67 at Northern Manufacturing 2014. The products are all designed to help protect machine operators against hazards posed by industrial apparatus and use a variety of contactless technologies including magnetic and RFID.

Industrial workplace safety a priority S

witches, sensors and enclosures specialist,

A highlight of this years’ stand will be a working demonstration showing how Bernstein’s safety light curtains use multi-beam light barriers to safeguard access points without the use of physical barriers. Light beams invisible to the naked eye are used to detect the presence of unwelcome items in the protected area triggering the machine to automatically shut down if necessary. Bernstein’s award winning Contactless Safety Monitoring Switch CSMS will also be on show, alongside safety interlocking and hinge switches, and Bernstein Control Enclosures.

Bernstein Ltd Tel: 01922 744999 Web:

EMOX from ETA Enclosures UK Ltd E

MOX from ETA ENCLOSURES is a brand new Monobloc floor- standing enclosure cabinet range DESIGNED to accommodate compatible accessories with its modular Cabinet range ENUX. Available with front door and rear cover as standard. EMOX can also be delivered with front and rear doors if required. Design features include a new lever style door latch with

various locking options including key locks and pad lock options An aesthetic profile is also included above the door and rear cover providing a high aesthetic finish. The new ETA EMOX range is available for immediate shipment from UK stock and replaces the ETA ATB8 product range which is still available until current stock is exhausted. Like for like sizes are the same price across the EMOX and ATB8 ranges.

ETA Enclosures (UK) Ltd Tel: 01709 386630 Web:

enter 805 / DESIGNSOLUTIONS enter 804 Web: enter 803

Hi-Line HPSA dryers fitted with new controllers and digital dewpoint display T

Bernstein Ltd, will be

EZ-BoardWare PCB contact from Harwin


arwin, the leading SMT board hardware and hi-rel connector manufacturer has expanded its popular EZ-BoardWare PCB socket portfolio with a new contact which can accommodate mating pins ranging from 0.8mm to 1.5mm in diameter. These new products complement an existing

range, enabling Harwin to offers parts with pin diameters from 0.8mm to 1.8mm.

A cost-effective alternative to turned PCB

sockets, EZ-Board sockets are designed for SMT assembly and are ideally-suited for high volume applications. The components come in industry- standard tape & reel packaging, allowing them to be automatically placed which minimises installed cost. The new contacts are stackable on 2.54mm pitch

spacing. The design features a two point contact system which ensures secure retention, whilst facilitating easy removal and replacement of the socketed component.

Harwin Europe Tel: 02392 314 545 Web:


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