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Product Diversity Necessitates Smart Web Searching

equirements for high-tech automation systems are becoming ever stricter at a rapid pace. Within this context,

R the already nearly

unmanageable diversity of sensors is presenting above all product developers, engineers and users with the immense challenge of not losing

wenglor sensoric GmbH has long since recognized this situation and has simplified searching in the Product World for its customers. With the help of the new wenglor product selector, users are easily able to launch searches through more than 2,000 products and, as registered customers, can place orders online 24 hours a day.

New is the feature to select from up to 20 different technical characteristics per product category, for example range,

layout, interface,

output and many others – an enormous advantage which helps the user find the right products and components as quickly as possible. The new world of wenglor products can be accessed on the Internet at

wenglor Tel: 01536 313 580 Web:

enter 811 track.

urtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) has announced that its Industrial division is supplying Penny + Giles JC8000 joystick controllers to Netherlands-based VDL Containersystemen, a designer and manufacturer of container handling systems including hooklifts, skiploaders and cable systems. As VDL Containersystemen continued to develop ControllerPlus, the system’s parameters changed and a robust joystick was required and, following consultation between both companies, the heavy-duty Penny + Giles JC8000 multi-axis joystick controller was specified. Engineered with a number of high-strength features, the JC8000 joystick controller is ideal for applications in physically demanding working conditions, such as the VDL application, where operators are used to using hydraulic joysticks.

Penny & Giles Tel: 01425 271444 Web:

enter 812

5.7“ & 7“ Intelligent TFT display with sound M


Penny + Giles joystick controllers C

MS Electronic has available a 5.7” and 7” Intelligent TFT graphic display EA eDIPTFT57-ATP 640x480 pixel and eDIPTFT70-ATP 800x480 pixel LED backlit touch-screen display, built-in intelligence and innovative user-friendly features. These intelligent display reduce development time and cost. It provides the ideal platform for development of interactive controls. For example, a virtual keyboard, analogue rotary instrument or bar graphs can be generated on the screen with just a few simple commands. The display also provides acoustic feedback into an 8 ohm speaker. Sounds ranging from simple clicks, notes

or jingles acting as warning or status messages. TrueType fonts are easy imported with the free development software. The onboard 4MB memory stores images, animations and macros. Text can be mixed with graphics, pictures and gif animations.

MMS Electronics Ltd Tel 01943 877668 Web: enter 813 New Products from Lee Spring at FAST Exhibition 2014

customers an even greater variety of springs to meet their

specific needs” says engineers, manufacturers and Chris Petts,

Managing Director of Lee Spring UK. “The FAST Exhibition will be a great opportunity to interact with


designers, and a chance to share our complete product range with visitors through our new-look catalogue.”

Additional products on display on the Lee Spring stand will include compression, extension, torsion and REDUX™ Wave springs. Visitors can also speak with a Lee Spring specialist on the stand.

Available to order now, the new Lee Spring catalogue includes a comprehensive range of almost 20,000 stock springs,


compression, extension, die, torsion and REDUX™ wave springs, as well as innovative Plastic Composite™ and Bantam™ Miniature springs.

For applications requiring specialist products not featured in the catalogue, Lee Spring’s custom spring design service can provide solutions for almost any application specific requirements, employing a variety of spring materials.

L ee place Spring is

catalogue at the FAST Exhibition which takes on 10 September 2014 at

presenting its new series 20 the Williams

Conference Centre in Oxfordshire. Following the

launch of its new Series 20

catalogue, Lee Spring will exhibit some of its latest products including new 'Skinny & Strong', low

index, High Pressure Compression Springs, over 100 new metric Bantam™ Mini Compression Springs and the latest in Heavy Duty Die Springs.

“The new Series 20 catalogue features almost 20,000 spring products, including some exciting new products, recently added to our already extensive range of stock springs, offering our


Established in 2005, the FAST Exhibition is the UK’s only dedicated fastening, bonding and assembly exhibition for design engineers, production professionals, senior manufacturing managers and fastener buyers.

Lee Spring Ltd Tel: 0118 974 0412 Web:


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