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company aims to accelerate the design and development cycle of gearbox and driveline technology, providing users with the opportunity to make more informed decisions earlier in the design process. In doing so, it can lower the number of design iterations, thus reducing costs and speeding up the development process for customers operating in highly competitive marketplaces. As an example, Romax’s CAD FUSION enables seamless integration between CAD and Romax software which improves efficiency, robustness and collaboration when moving data between different

shaft profiles can be freely edited or created from scratch within the CAD FUSION user interface. Updates to CAD FUSION are

also accompanied by a new version of CONCEPT.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Product planning is an intensive decision making process at the very beginning of product development. The planning quality directly links to the success of the product. If the selection of the design concept is wrong, the process to fix it is painful and costly.

HOW TO SPEED UP PRODUCT development with CAE tools

With engineers facing ever increasing demands to get products to market as quickly as possible, investing in the right Computer Aided Engineering tools is essential, writes Simon White, product manager at Romax Technology


nnovation is important for any business. It enables you to provide your customers with a better product at a lower cost, while the availability of new technology ensures that you are able to keep up with your competitors as well as adapting to market and legislative changes. Finally, cheaper development times means you can ship products to market quicker. In the engineering world, however, the focus is on cost-reduction and faster time-to-market, meaning more must be done in less time – putting design innovation heavily in the spotlight. As a result, design problems need to be

identified at the design phase rather than during prototyping to minimise prototype cycles. To do this it is imperative that you have the right Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools available. This is what Romax is seeking to address.

DESIGN SOLUTIONS Romax Technology provides design solutions for bearings, gears and gearboxes for the wind energy, automotive, heavy equipment and aerospace industries. Central to the company’s strategy is the emphasis it places on investment in R&D and innovation. Operating in a field such as CAE, the focus is always on continual improvement through innovation – this can be seen through its software releases; simulation tools for transport and the wind industry. Through its software and services, the


Romax Technology provides design solutions for bearings, gears and gearboxes for the wind energy, automotive, heavy equipment and aerospace industries

systems in the driveline design and development process. Working directly with CAD data presents many challenges, as different file formats, data structures, and ways of defining geometry means that extracting or reproducing the relevant information is often a difficult, manual and error-prone task. CAD FUSION addresses these issues through the use of advanced feature recognition, data translators and model healing to deliver robust and consistent geometry. This can then be interpreted using the latest direct modelling methodology in order to automatically extract the relevant parameters required by the Romax model. In terms of import functionality, the new updates to CAD FUSION now mean it is able to work with both 2D and 3D CAD geometry and, if required, complex 2D

When reviewing gearbox design concepts, a customer needs a flexible tool to assess many design options in a limited time. The latest release of CONCEPT saw improvements to gear design capability and modelling of planetary gear sets, helping the customer to save time and money by allowing the selection of the best design at the concept assessment phase. Finally, Romax’s flagship product,

RomaxDESIGNER, has also seen enhancements. Currently used by 14 of the world’s top 15 car manufacturers, this provides design, analysis and optimisation for systems incorporating gears, shafts and bearings. The new release saw the introduction

of customised reporting which includes the flexibility to create bespoke extensive reports. This means users will be able to drastically reduce the amount of data manipulation and get the results they need in minutes not days. To make a significant impact on

development cycles, design problems must be identified at the earliest design phase rather than during prototyping – early action reduces the need for costly, time-consuming changes later in the development process. To help, the ‘Right First Time’ approach from Romax is seeking to enable faster time-to-market and improved product innovation.

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