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open architecture with individual files in plain text format as well as universal access to the programs, data and configuration options of the automation project.

TOTAL VALUE ADDED VERSUS FEATURES When development tools are compared with one another, the focus is usually on the individual functions. Conflicting philosophies make a debate based solely on functions pointless. Instead, the focus should be on a concept borrowed from economics: ‘total value added’. This involves consideration of the added value throughout the entire area of use; and in doing so opens up entirely new perspectives. Where previously the discussion focused only on the areas of programming and visualisation, this more holistic approach accounts for the entire life cycle of a machine. The development of Automation Studio

is guided by the goal of supporting machine manufacturers in the implementation of an idea, which means through all stages of the life cycle.

MACHINE ARCHITECTURE Mediseal, a manufacturer of packaging machines for the pharmaceutical

industry, is one company which has directly benefitted from this approach. The company develops or modifies up to 30% of each machine to accommodate its customers’ needs. Thanks to B&R’s Automation Studio engineering environment, Mediseal has been able to reduce the amount of software engineering this requires to an absolute minimum. In particular, the company values Automation Studio’s ability to encapsulate software into reusable modules and add the corresponding libraries. Mediseal originally

switched to B&R in order to implement an innovative machine architecture based on distributed drive technology and flexible motion control over 17 years ago. “Even back then, B&R had a

control solution with integrated servo technology that allowed us to change cam profiles at runtime as well as unifying PLC and motion functionality in a single system,” recalls Ulf Leineke, R&D manager at Mediseal. “These factors, plus the openness of the solution and B&R’s readiness to accommodate our special requests, were the foundation of our decision to

work with the company as our automation partner.” This kicked off a long series of

innovative machine developments, culminating in the CP600, the first Mediseal blister packaging machine to be equipped with digital servo drives. With an output of 600 blisters per minute, this is among the fastest on the market.

B&R Industrial Automation T: 01733 371320 Enter 227

The development of Automation Studio is guided by the goal of supporting machine manufacturers in the implementation of an idea, which means through all stages of the life cycle

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