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Now available from HMK is the Neugart HLAE hygienic gearbox which, the company explains, has been developed to meet and exceed the environmental demands of the most arduous applications. The gearbox suits the demands of the food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors for high performance and reliability, and is suitable for use in areas where the CIP (cleaning in place) method is used. Under this, the products must be resistant to frequent and intensive cleaning and disinfection cycles, and must reliably counteract the growth of germs and formation of bacterial impurities caused by product remnants or liquid and condensate residues.

Typical applications include food & beverage production and packaging, and in pharmaceutical production and packaging. It can also be used in the paper, offshore and textile industries.


At just 10 x 15 x 45.5mm, Baumer’s new MIR 10 bearingless encoders are suitable for position and speed feedback in limited spaces. Operating on non-contact magnetic sensing with up to 4096 ppr, the encoders are said to be wear-free. The fully encapsulated magnetic sensor with IP66 and IP67 protection is suitable for harsh environments with a high

degree of soiling by dust, chippings or oil, but also with constant and cyclic humidity at extended temperatures ranging from -40˚C to +85˚C. In addition, the extremely shock and

vibration proof sensing head withstands 500 resp. 30 g.


Enter 237 Enter 236 400MA BATTERY CHARGER


Traffic Technology – a developer of solutions for monitoring vehicles, cycles and pedestrians, as well as road safety devices – needed a high performance double-sided tape solution that would provide a long lasting, durable seal on the dissimilar substrates of a sign’s polycarbonate screen and powder coated aluminium frame. The solution needed to provide a

high strength bond and a watertight seal. So, tesa recommended testing the tesa ACXplus

706x series of acrylic

double-sided tapes. These offer a very high bond which, the company states, can last for decades on materials with different surface characteristics. Excellent stress dissipation properties allow substrates with different rates of thermal expansion and contraction to be joined. These are suitable for long-term outdoor applications. As well as optimising the wetting

A compact constant-current/constant-voltage 400mA charger for Lithium-Ion, LiFePO4 and lead-acid batteries has been introduced by Linear Technology Corporation. The LTC4121’s efficient, synchronous step-down topology accepts a 4.4V to 40V input; while programmable 3.5V to 18V battery charge voltage range with tight ±1% accuracy makes it suitable for a variety of battery chemistries. The fixed output float voltage version, LTC4121-4.2, is suitable for 1S lithium-ion battery packs. In addition, a synchronous architecture enables charging efficiency up to 94% as well as low dropout start-up and operation. Applications include handheld instruments and

solar-powered devices, as well as industrial and military sensors and devices.

Linear Technology Enter 238

of different surfaces, the specially balanced viscous and elastic performance absorbs dynamic forces and vibrations to relieve stresses, leading to the creation of dimensionally stable and permanent bonds. The black, viscoelastic foamed acrylic core of tesa ACXplus


provides a high immediate tack and peel adhesion for securely bonding combinations of low surface energy materials, the company explains. Once constructed, the customer

was able to move the constructed test unit straight away, mounting it on an exterior wall to monitor performance in a typical environment. After a two month period the unit was removed and positively signed off on all the customer’s required criterion.



Three new Modicon controllers have been launched by Schneider Electric. The M221, M241 and M251 are optimised for Ethernet communication and include a USB interface for programming, as well as a web server for integration into modern communication solutions and remote access. These use an SD card to save program and firmware. Designed for machines automated with

hardwired controller architectures, the fast M221 version is available in compact and standard formats. The basic configuration includes a serial interface and there is also an integrated pulse/direction interface for connecting servo drives fitted as standard. The standard format has 24 I/O terminals, while the book format has 16. These are suitable for applications with up to


mid-level performance requirements. The M251, meanwhile, has two Ethernet

two Ethernet networks, and can act as an Ethernet master in one of them. This is for tasks in which the controller needs to communicate simultaneously via Ethernet within the machine and at network level. Both the Modicon M241 and M251 are

designed for CANopen communication. The I/O terminal block for the

Modicon M241 is designed with 5.08mm spacing, and the terminals can be easily and ergonomically connected by opening a small cover on the housing. The integrated pulse/direction interface is also standard in this controller, as are several high-speed counters.

interfaces and an embedded Ethernet switch. It can communicate in a parallel operation through

Schneider Electric Enter 240 / DESIGNSOLUTIONS

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