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PRODUCT UPDATE Lenses and optics

Ultrafast polarisers and high-energy beamsplitters

Edmund Optics has introduced Ultrafast Thin Film Polarisers and High Energy Polarising Cube Beamsplitters.

The ultrafast polarisers use thin film coating technology for optimal performance in the near-infrared

Thin film deposition system

Picodeon has developed the Picodeon ColdAb Series 4 thin- film deposition system for the use of pulsed laser deposition (PLD) in volume manufacturing. The ColdAb Series 4 system

delivers industrial-scale PLD coating production of four inch wafer sizes, including the fully- automated delivery of substrates to the pre-clean chamber and to the main Coldab coating chamber. The deposition chamber includes features that have been developed by Picodeon, and uses the ColdAb process which enables large-area thin- film coating deposition using a high frequency picosecond laser. The cold ablation process has a smooth and particle-free surface, and the target material’s stoichiometry may be fully transferred to the thin-film on the substrate.

Caspian Auto Focus lens modules

Varioptic has launched a new

addition to its Caspian family of Auto Focus lens modules. With its 3.7mm effective focal length, the Caspian M12-316-3.7 adds a wider angle option to the Caspian M12-313-9.6 and Caspian M12-316-7.5.

The module has a built-in Arctic 316 liquid lens and is compatible with up to 1/3-inch sensors. It is suitable for applications such as teleconferencing, security, machine vision, biometrics and medical imaging. | @electrooptics

Sirah Pulsed Dye lasers. 190-11000nm

wavelength range, while the beamsplitters provide an excellent alternative to Brewster windows. The ultrafast polarisers provide high damage thresholds, suitable for use with high power lasers including Ti: Sapphire laser sources.

The beamsplitters provide a

typical damage threshold of 15 J/ cm2 at 1,064nm, 10ns, 20Hz. To maximise laser damage threshold, the beamsplitters are constructed by optically contacting UV fused silica right angle prisms rather than cementing them. They are available in 12.7mm cube size.


SuperK series high power supercontinuum lasers. 400-2400nm

Compact Ultrafast Laser (fs) and OPA from Light Conversion. 210-20000nm

NEW Horizon nanosecond OPO from Continuum. 192-2750nm


fs/ps and

nanosecond OPOs to 4500nm from APE GmbH

Photonic Solutions Ltd, Unit A, 40 Captains Road, Edinburgh, EH17 8QF

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