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PRODUCT UPDATE Laser and diodes

Multi-bar diode laser module Dilas has released a fibre-coupled, multi-bar diode laser module. This micro-channel-cooled unit is capable of delivering up to 6kW output at a wavelength mix of 9xxnm through a 1,000µm, 0.22NA fibre. It combines multi-kilowatt fibre-coupled diode laser power with

IQ6 laser Power Technology has

introduced a laser diode module for high-end OEM applications. The IQ6 laser is specifically designed for applications that require narrow spectral widths and long coherence lengths. The IQ6 offers wavelengths from 390-2,320nm, features a spectral width of less than 5MHz, and provides coherence lengths of more than 15m. The applications of this module include holography, interferometry, bioanalysis, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy. The IQ6 is available with digital or analogue modulations.

Modulated DPSS laser

Cobolt has released a modulated DPSS laser option, which incorporates both a diode pumped solid state laser (DPSSL) from the Cobolt 04-01 series and an Acousto Optic Modulator (AOM) in one single compact package. This allows fast and effective integration of a modulated DPSSL without the need for time consuming external alignment. The modulated DPSSL option

offers a modulated DPSSL with the ease of integration of a direct diode laser and the specifications associated with high-performance DPSSLs, such as single-longitudinal mode (SLM) operation, excellent spectral purity and a high-quality beam.

The laser features a modulation

bandwidth up to 3MHz, CW power up to 240mW, ultra-robust, hermetically sealed laser packages, and low noise at 0.25 per cent rms. | @electrooptics


Tel: 01245 491499 • Email: EO Nov 13.indd 1


a small footprint and high efficiency. The 19-inch rack-mountable unit is designed to meet the requirements for OEM customers and system integrators.

The laser module is designed as a beam source without an integrated power supply and also without a cooling unit, allowing

system integrators a deep integration into their machine. The module is equipped with internal electronic sensory elements which monitor parameters like humidity, temperature operating current and other parameters, to ensure safe operation of the unit. DETECTORS LASERS

LASER COMPONENTS manufactures and supplies components, OEM modules, sources, optics and detectors, spanning the UV to the FIR. Products include: a) sources: laser diodes and modules, IR emitters, lamps, and LEDs, b) optics: fibre, fibre cable, switches, patchcords, modulators, laser mirrors, lenses, output couplers, dichroics, prisms, windows, optical filters, and laser


c) detectors: SiC, Si/ CdS, InGaAs/PbSe/ PbS, Thermopile/ InSb/MCT, and single photon counting modules. Also supplied are low noise signal recovery current, voltage and lock-in amplifiers, laser proximity OEM modules and a range of accessory items such as laser safety goggles, IR converter cards and optical fibre tools.

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