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n May 2014 the next edition of the successful EOS series of conferences, ‘Diffractive Optics’, will be held in the beautiful city of Gdansk, in Poland. The call

for papers will go out during the next few weeks. From 16 to 19 September 2014 the bi-annual conference of the EOS, the EOSAM2014, will be held in Berlin.

Photonics is one of the branches of science and technology in which Europe excels and where, in particular, Germany is very strong. Germany can be proud of its academic research in optics and photonics, but also of its research institutes dedicated to the field, such as the Max Planck and Fraunhofer institutes. Last but not least, Germany has a world-leading high-tech photonics industry that employs approximately 150,000 people. Berlin is, therefore, a most appropriate place to be for EOSAM2014. We are very happy that we will be holding the event at the excellent conference facilities of the high- tech park, Adlershof, in the south-east of the German capital. Adlershof is the birth place of German

aviation and still hosts the German Aviation Centre DLR. Adlershof also has a science and technology park that employs more than 15,000 people and hosts 445 companies and 10 non-university research institutes. Among these research institutes are the Ferdinand Braun Institut for High Frequency Technology, the Max Born Institute for Non-Linear Optics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy, and the division of PTB, the German Metrology Institute, focusing on photon radiometry. Furthermore, Adlershof is home to six faculties of the Humboldt University, including the physics faculty. The EOSAM2014 will take place in the Adlershof Convention Centre. The EOS is also organising a trade fair in parallel to the conference, where the optics and photonics industry can promote and show their products to attendees.


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Dates for the diary for 2014:

Diffractive Optics and EOSAM2014 conferences Luftbild Adlershof

The following sessions will be held at EOSAM2014:

1. Telecom Optics 2. Silicon Photonics: (PICs, optical computing, monolithic and hybrid optical sources and detectors, assembly and packaging)

3. Optical Design and Tolerancing: (including both imaging and non-imaging optics)

4 Biophotonics and Medical Optics 5. Meta-materials: fundamentals and applications: (transformation optics, optical cloaking, hyperbolic media, super-resolution imaging)

6. Optical technology for Cinematography and Video: (optics for digital cinematography, illumination design, screen technology for cinema and video etc.)

7. Organic Photonics: (light-manipulating organic materials and devices, organic photovoltaic, organic semiconductors for sensing, OLEDs)

8. Adaptive and Active Optics 9. Optical Metrology and Sensing 10. Special Session on Challenges in Optics

Session six is inspired by the presence of the 10 film studios at Adlershof, including the Mega-Studios G+H. There will also be a special event, related to cinema, organised during the conference.

Since the beginning of this year the EOS has had an Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC), which is chaired by Willi Ulrich of Carl Zeiss. Many important European companies are member of the IAC. The EOS wants to play a more important role for the optics and photonics-related European industry and this is reflected in the selected topics – in particular, sessions one, two, three and nine. We furthermore plan to organise lectures on special topics on Monday 15 September 2014, a day before the conference starts. These lectures will be very relevant for those who want to learn more about a topic or who are newcomers in a certain field, such as PhDs in their starting phase. So, to conclude, EOSAM2014 will be an exciting conference in an exciting city. We hope to welcome many of you.

Paul Urbach President of EOS

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