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Software PC-Beamage-3.0 software

Gentec Electro-Optics has released new features for its PC-Beamage-3.0 software. The latest version of the software offers several new features, like divergence, peak-to-average ratio and a beam tracking tool that will improve the user’s experience for beam profiling and beam analysis.

The Beam Tracking Tool allows the user to visualise the variation of the beam’s centroid (centre of energy) on the sensor. This new display shows the latest calculated position as well as the previous ones. The display also shows the mean position of all computed values and gives information regarding position stability for both X and Y axes. The Despeckle filter is a new and much more aggressive spatial filter that is designed to remove speckles and noisy signals from very poor quality beam profiles. Instead of performing a 3 x 3 pixel smoothing filter with a relative weight of 20 per cent for the central pixel and 10 per cent for the others, the software performs a 9 x 9 pixels simple averaging, with all pixels having the same relative weight (1/81).

Positioning equipment MPS-SV series lift stages

Aerotech has launched the MPS-SV series lift stages, engineered for applications ranging from laboratory research to high-reliability production processes. The multitude of adapter brackets and mounting compatibility inherent in all MPS stages permit easy assembly of multi-axis configurations using linear, rotary and lift MPS stages.

MPS-SV stages use a precision-ground ball

screw and preloaded crossed-roller bearings for accurate geometric performance, high accuracy and repeatability, and 0.05µm minimum incremental motion. The MPS50SV is also offered with a lead-screw for more cost-sensitive applications.

MPS-SV motor options include a DC Linear actuator Safety ST Laserstrike eyewear

Sierra Tango, in partnership with Brinell Vision, has launched ST Laserstrike eyewear. Until now, if a pilot wanted to fly with protection from laser strikes, the only option was to wear amber coloured view protection, usually in the form of goggles. While providing the necessary protection from green lasers, it forces the pilot to view the instrument panel through an amber filter, making it impossible to distinguish between critical colours within the cockpit. ST Laserstrike glasses are designed to equip the user with complete coverage from malicious laser strikes while maintaining a clear colour- balanced view.


The U-264KSPA linear actuator from Physik Instrumente is a self-locking drive. It features a 200mm travel range and a minimum incremental motion of 6µm. A linear encoder with 0.6µm resolution assures reliable position control and repeatable accuracy. With the drive technology of PILine ultrasonic piezo motors, velocities of up to 150mm/s and a maximum holding force of 6N can be achieved.

As piezomotors are self-locking at rest, no heat is generated and mechanical components such as brakes or gearhead can be dispensed with. As a result, the

Digital Radius Slides

4D Technology, manufacturer of optical metrology systems, has introduced Digital Radius Slides for use with 4D AccuFiz compact laser interferometers. The Digital Radius Slides provide accurate axial positioning for measuring the radius of curvature of concave or convex optics. Two Digital Radius Slide models are being offered: a linear encoder based version with 1µm axial resolution, and a high-accuracy laser-based option with 10nm axial resolution. Both versions

servomotor with rotary encoder and a stepper motor. A precision-machined wedge design and lateral constraint system result in high stiffness and load capacity, while at the same time providing constraint of lateral motions. The MPS-SV stages are available with vacuum preparation to 10-6

Torr that includes a vacuum-

rated connector.

U-264KSPA ensures positional stability. Part of the ultrasonic piezomotor are the piezo ceramics, which are pre-tensioned against a movably guided runner via a coupling element. The piezo element is excited to high-frequency oscillations that cause the runner to move. Pre-loading the piezo ceramic actuators against the runner ensures self-locking of the drive when at rest and powered down. As a result, it does not consume any power, does not heat up, and keeps the position mechanically stable. This is suited to applications with a low duty cycle that are battery-operated or heat- sensitive.

are fully compatible with 4D Technology’s line of four- and six- inch optical mounting components.

4D has also added radius of curvature (ROC) analysis as a standard feature in its 4Sight data analysis software. The wizard-based software automatically reads axial positions from the Digital Radius Slide.

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