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PRODUCT UPDATE Cameras and imaging

MagniView endoscopes

Pentax Medical has launched its MagniView range of

endoscopes, combining up to 136 times optical magnification with HD+ and i-scan, to support clinicians with detailed inspection. The MagniView optical zoom technology magnifies the HD+, high-quality video image up to 136 times to support detailed observation of surface structure and microvasculature to enable inspection of possible lesions. A rubber distal hood enables the clinician to maintain the optimal distance from the distal end to the mucosal surface. Inbuilt water jet technology also ensures clear imaging during procedures. The new MagniView range features the EG- 2990Zi Gastroscope and the EC-3890Zi Colonoscope which are available in a choice of three working lengths.

Fibre optic camera

Andor Technology has launched its iKon-L HF fibre optic camera. The camera has a high-QE (95 per cent) back-illuminated sensor, a single directly bonded FOP

, and a spring-loading ‘Soft

Dock’ mount. This design delivers excellent optical performance and transmission, and high spatial resolution along with ultra-low noise. The camera is suited to indirect high energy applications, from soft to hard X-ray, and to high spatial-resolution imaging of low-flux signals. Andor offers three variants to cover the most common requirements. The Soft Dock spring- loaded fibre optic feature provides quick and safe mounting of the camera to a wide variety of instruments, including streak cameras and image intensifiers. The camera is integrated and supported in a range of third-party software using Andor’s SDK.

Fibre optics Fibre coupler

Laser Components has released easy-to-mount fibre couplers for laser systems, facilitating the coupling of light from free-beam lasers into a quartz fibre. Using a mounting flange, the coupler is directly attached to the laser. It is possible to couple

30 ELECTRO OPTICS l NOVEMBER 2013 Laser and diodes Pulsed laser diode with 500mW power

OSI Laser Diode has introduced the SCW 1532- 500R high-power, pulsed laser diode module that features power higher than 500mW and operates at 1,550nm. It is suited for use in optical spectrum analysers (OSAs) and optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs). The 14-pin butterfly package with an industry-standard pin- out offers good pulse drift performance and high stability. The 1,550nm high-power laser diode module is the first in a series of three devices. Two more modules with 1,310nm and 1,625nm wavelengths, respectively, are in development. The laser diode is optically coupled to an

Finesse Pure CEP

Laser Quantum has launched a next generation pump laser for CEP stabilisation critical applications. By enabling the direct control of output power, by the interferometer referencing mechanism, the Finesse Pure CEP (patent

SMF fibre pigtail and includes a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and an electrically isolated temperature-sensing thermistor. Other features include optical power at 500mW, a threshold current of 70mA, and a typical forward voltage of 2V to a maximum of 3V. Moreover, standard connectors are optional, making the device easy to integrate into an existing or a new optical test and measurement system where high peak pulsed optical power is required.

pending technology) eliminates the need for an AOM. With a fast response of 700kHz at 90° phase shift (bandwidth of 1MHz) and modulation depth of ~1 per cent, Laser Quantum says experimental set-up will be a lot simpler.

FEBP laser diodes

Frankfurt Laser Company now offers the FEBP line of discrete mode narrow bandwidth laser diodes from Eblana Photonics of Dublin, Ireland. The laser diodes come in discrete wavelengths in the range 690 to 2,150nm. Output powers are available up to 10mW from SM/PM optical fibre. The laser diodes have low spectral bandwidth and the housing incorporates an optical isolator to ensure performance stability. Frankfurt Laser Company has also introduced a new line of high performance, low cost DPSS green modules from Lasence. The range features modules with output from 1-50mW. Also available is the FRLD-635-5.00-FC100- 2Pin fibre-coupled laser, emitting at 635nm and delivering 5W from a 105μm core fibre at high brightness.

Vitara UBB oscillators

Coherent has released the latest member of the Vitara family of extreme performance, closed-box, ultrafast oscillators; the Vitara UBB. The device provides access to pulse widths under 10fs, with options below 8fs on request. Vitara UBB (Ultra BroadBand) achieves its

short transform-limited pulse widths because of its very broad bandwidth (>200nm at the -10dB point). Its combination of short pulse widths, broad bandwidth, high reliability and ease-of-use make Vitara UBB the ideal laser for applications in terahertz pulse generation, optical coherence tomography (OCT), pump-probe spectroscopy, multiplexed CARS spectroscopy, non-linear microscopic imaging and seeding short-pulse amplifiers. The Vitara UBB integrates Coherent’s Verdi G pump laser into the robust opto- mechanical design.

laser beams with a diameter of up to 10mm into fibres with core diameters ranging from 100μm to 2,000μm. Using adjustment screws, it is possible to adjust the optics on the inside of the coupler along the x-axis and the y-axis or to tilt them. In addition, adjusting the optics along the z-axis

is done via a knurled wheel. The fibre coupler is suitable for the wavelength range from 400nm to 1,300nm. The optics on the inside can be equipped with different AR coatings: 400nm to 700nm, 633nm to 1,064nm, or 800nm to 1,300nm.

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