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PRODUCT UPDATE Analysis, test and measurement

Goniophotometers for automotive testing

Instrument Systems, a company for light measurement systems, has introduced a new goniophotometer generation under the Optronik Line label. The product line will be used for measuring luminous intensity distribution from automotive headlamps and direction indicator lamps in traffic signalling applications. The company says the AMS 5000 high-

performance goniophotometer specialises in large and heavy samples weighing up to 50kg, such as automotive headlamps, signal lamps and sea markers. The new servo drive of the goniophotometer permits improved measuring speed and simplified control of the unit. The laser-based processing technology ensures robust and stable construction, and provides high quality for measurements over the entire service life. Furthermore, a new safety controller integrated in the hardware increases safety within the operating environment of the machine.

GL Opti Sphere 2000

GL Optic has developed the GL Opti Sphere 2000 (GLS 2000). With an internal diameter of 2,000mm and an opening aperture of 700mm, the system is able to accommodate complete lamps but also large modules comprising several LED arrays. The inner surface of the sphere is coated with barium sulphate, a diffuse-reflective material. The Integrating sphere provides enough space to accommodate complete lamps and offers the spectral capacity for testing the entire product. The GLS 2000 can be used for all types of lamps, such as street lights, emergency lighting, lamps for medical purposes or vehicle lights. Thanks to its spectral properties and a calibrated spectral range of 240 to 2,600nm, GLS 2000 is an ideal tool for determination of luminous radiation values (mW) and luminous flux (lm).

The system is capable of measuring simultaneously the absolute value and various radiometric and photometric parameters. These include determination of the colour rendition index (CRI) according to CIE, correlated colour temperature (CCT) according to CIE and colour coordinates according to CIE 1931 and CIE 1964.

32 ELECTRO OPTICS l NOVEMBER 2013 Lenses and optics Interferometer transmission flats

Inrad Optics has introduced a new quick ship programme for industry-standard interferometer transmission flats. The transmission flats can be configured online and will be express shipped. The quick ship programme applies to 4-, 6- and 12-inch transmission flats. A range of coating choices is available. The transmission flats are available uncoated, with a standard coating or with a custom coating based on evaporative vacuum coating processes, both ion assist and plasma assist e-beam. Transmission flats are available as standalone optics or mounted in ring-style mounts. Mounted flats fit industry-standard Fizeau interferometers

Beam shaping optics

AdlOptica has launched the Focal- piShaper9_532q, which converts a Gaussian laser beam into a beam with an intensity distribution optimised to create Flattop, Donut, Inverse-Gauss, and other intensity profiles. The square spot shape allows improved

for easy replacement and installation. Each transmission flat is packaged in a PET-G container for unmounted glass or in a wooden box when mounted to the designed ring.

Inrad Optics fabricates all transmission flats from highly homogeneous, bubble-free fused silica, which is then polished to the interferometric standards required by precision optics manufacturers.

quality and increased productivity of laser micromachining technologies. This product has the capability to work with scanning heads and F-theta lenses, a variety of models for the near-IR, visual, and UV spectra, as well as for CO2


PulseLine laser optics

CVI Laser Optics has launched the PulseLine product family of laser optics, designed for femtosecond lasers and associated applications. These include a broad range of high-damage threshold laser optics designed to manage the effects of dispersion. CVI offers a large number of PulseLine optics as standard, readily available items, as well as fully customised products for customers that require higher volumes. The full range of products includes prisms,

mirrors, beamsplitters, polarising optics and antireflection coated windows.

Gaussian-to-top- hat converter

Limo has introduced its Gaussian-to-top- hat converter (g2T), a single model suitable for the wavelengths 355, 532, and 1,064nm.

The g2T is suitable for performing a wide variety of applications including solar and semiconductor industries, as well as microstructuring. With just one product, customers can perform a wide variety of applications because the lens can be used for different wavelengths, the company says. The g2T converters ensure homogeneous top hat profiles. Lasers therefore work faster, more precisely with a much smaller heat-affected zone.

LEDs and illumination pE-4000 LED source

CoolLED has launched the pE-4000 LED source. This product can be operated as a simple white light source mercury and metal halide replacement, or as a fully controllable, excitation and stimulation source, which broadens the range of illumination options in multi-user facilities.

At the centre of the pE-4000, CoolLED’s wavelength grouping concept allows more

power and lower cost, while achieving compatibility with all single and multi-band filter sets.

The pE-4000

complements CoolLED’s existing pE-100 single wavelength, pE-200 dual wavelength and pE-300 triple wavelength LED series.

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