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Extracts from the Programme

CEO Retreat: Technology and the Bottom Line How to use technology to improve margins and increase productivity

Welcome Address Be Future Proof. Own Tomorrow

The Machines are Here: How Robotics will Change Our World Meet “Double”, the new iPad-controlled robot from Double Robotics and “Romo” from Romotive

PREVIEW |MAY 2013 more refined experience, companies that deliver visually, win.

The paperless revolution DocuSign Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Tom Gonser, shares his insights into why an incredible mobile platform is critical to success and why brand and company culture are as important as product.

Pivoting to Success. From Broker to Tech Darling Guy Wolcott, CEO and Founder of Homesnap, shares the incredible journey from broker to tech breakout.

The Real Estate Tech Future: Meet the Inaugural Inman Incubator Class Inman unveils the first class of the Incubator program. Meet the companies that are poised to change the industry over the next decade, discover their game-changing products and services, and hear their plans for change.

Software is Eating the World Former Vice President of Product Management at LinkedIn, and now CEO of disruptive financial services provider Wealthfront, Adam Nash knows better than anyone the transformative power of big data, innovative software, and online platforms. Nash explores why every company is now a software com- pany and shares his insights on how to take advantage of this reality to win.

Mobile Marketing: New ways to think about these little devices See how mobile-first is rewriting the rules of customer engagement, market- ing, operations, and business as usual.

Putting Big Data to Work for You We’ve heard plenty about Big Data. But what does it all mean? Does it matter to you? Learn the value behind the numbers and see how you can leverage big data to drive your business.

How To Think Like an Entrepreneur Former CEO of Ning and co-founder of MightyBell and, Gina Bian- chini, takes you inside the entrepreneurial mind with insights learned during her successful career. Hear first-hand what it takes to pilot a startup, from idea to exit, from one of the Web’s most successful entrepreneurs

Creating Products People Love Former Director of Product for YouTube, Hunter Walk, knows what it takes to build products people love. Learn what makes YouTube so successful and the product thinking that goes into one of the world’s most popular websites

Crowd-funding. A new way to buy. A new way to raise capital Learn about the rise of crowd-funding, the JOBS Act, and how they are changing the way we buy real estate and fund new ideas

The Industry Destiny: Imagine your industry in 2018 The top leaders from the industry discuss how brokers and agents can pre- pare for the next five years

How to scale your business with platform thinking We live in Feeds and Social Networks Now

Over the past 5-7 years, we have seen a rapid shift in the way everybody finds and consumes information. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have enabled us to connect and hear from the friends, celebrities, colleagues, and businesses we care about most. This means most of our in- formation comes in one big long stream instead of a nicely edited front page, and everyone is responsible to sift through the noise on their own. Former Head of Growth for Twitter, Facebook alumni, and current Principal at leading Silicon Valley VC firm Greylock Partners, Josh Elman, will talk about how they grew, how to get your message out, and what is coming next.

Design can mean the diff erence between success and failure on the Web Senior Technology Writer for Slate and Fast Company Farhad Manjoo looks at how design, and design-minded startups like Pinterest and Instagram, are changing the game for companies online. With consumers demanding a

Building a social business Social is no longer just about marketing. Social now sits at the core of the Web’s most successful businesses. Eventbrite VP of Marketing, Tamara Men- delsohn, was the first to measure the value of a Like. Now she’ll share her insights into the impact of social commerce and the value of the connected economy to businesses everywhere.

Sales in the Facebook Era CEO of Hearsay Social, Clara Shih dives into the the changing dynamics wrought by social media. Learn what it means for sales when the consumer is in charge.

Why laughter can be business’s best medicine Making people laugh is serious business. Learn how Ben Huh built a massive business on the simple idea of giving people something to laugh at every- day. Learn how creating delight can turn a customer into a fan, and build a brand that is revered by its customers. PLUS a whole day focusing on the Asian markets

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