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18 | REMINDER WORDS | John Howell

doing something special in the world of international property. Developers. Agents. Supporting services. We encourage all to apply for one of our Awards for Excellence 2013. You know it makes sense. You

Awards = Rewards H

ere at OPP we are looking for companies, large and small, new and old, who are

Why? Because we want hundreds of companies to enter. We want to fi nd loads of fresh talent amongst companies large and small, wherever in the world they are located.

know the business benefi ts that fl ow from being an award winner. You know that these awards are the genuine article: independently judged and perceived to be fair. The OPP Awards are designed to

offer all companies of all types and sizes the chance to show how they are “special” and, if they are, to be recognised for their achievement. There are over 30 different

categories of award, some limited to companies working in certain parts of the world (e.g. Best Estate Agent in Africa or Best Developer in South America) and some open to all. So why haven’t you applied?

It costs too much to enter Not true. This year, it is FREE to enter for an OPP award*.

It takes too much time Not true. Entering is quick and easy, as well as free*. We have made the application process

as simple as possible. There is just a short application form

that you can email to us together with the documents that will help show your company in its best light and worthy of winning an award. It is true that applications that are well thought out, well presented and accompanied by the best and most relevant supporting evidence are likely to be more successful than applications rushed together at the last minute. That shouldn’t be a surprise! This is why we are reminding you about applying now - whilst you still have plenty of time to put together your best possible application. The closing date for applications for

this year’s OPP Awards for Excellence is Friday, 2nd August 2013. So download your application pack today.

Only “insiders” can win Not true. Previous winners include companies that have had no previous connection with OPP. We are looking for companies

with something special. We are not interested in - and the judges will not know - whether you have advertised in OPP, exhibited at OPPLive or used any of our other services.

Only big companies can win Not true. Some of the best applications come from very small companies. In fact, this year there is even a special category for small companies - and another for new companies.

Only British/European companies can win

Not true. Our winners come from all over the world.

The chances of winning are too small Not true. Most categories will have tens, not hundreds, of entries. There is plenty of opportunity for a company that is doing something different and good (or doing something “normal” but doing it particularly well) to shine and win.

In fact, in one sense, everybody in association with

wins. This is because the judges are asked to comment about every single application - what was good about it, what was not. These comments are, typically, quite short but we will send them to you to give you the feedback, inspire some new ideas and to help you do better next time.

Make this year the year when you win an OPP Award for Excellence. It might be stating the obvious, but

it’s worth remembering that if you don’t apply, you can’t win.

The awards are FREE TO ENTER* * Terms & Conditions Apply

To fi nd out more, and to download an application pack, go to: http://www.opp-connect. com/awards/index.php/enter- the-award

Sophistication | The OPP Awards Gala Dinner Good luck


It’s that time again. In Europe, most of the snow has melted so you are thinking about the beach. In Australia you are beginning to worry about winter. In the US you will be thinking about the upcoming National Butterfl y Awareness Day. STOP! It’s May. It’s time to think about the OPP Awards for Excellence 2013.

Why Apply?

Prestige: Stand out from your competitors. Make more sales.

Public Trust: The public trust award winners. Make more sales.

Publicity: Winning an award will create publicity. Make more sales.

People: Attract the best team. Make more sales.

Pride: Be proud of what you have achieved.

P.S. We also give you a shiny trophy to put in the office.

New Award!

In response to demand from our readers we have added a completely new category to the OPP Awards for Excellence 2013 - “Best Alternative Investment Product”. These products are becoming

increasingly popular yet they are little understood by either the industry or the public. In a world where some

products on sale seem distinctly dubious, we are inviting suppliers to put their product up for scrutiny.

• How much experience do they have in the field?

• Can they justify the claims being made about investment returns?

• Is the product fairly priced?

• How strong and where is the resale market? • Is the product regulated?

• What protection is offered to the consumer?

If you are involved in the field of alternative investments, this award is for you.

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