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Fractional Life Awards T

Unsurprisingly, the Fractional Life Awards refl ect achievement in the fractional industry. The industry has had its ups and downs in recent years, but it’s still hugely important worldwide. Many believe that fractionals are the future of the mass market for international property. It is an industry full of new ideas...

he Fractional Life Awards 2013 was a small, bespoke event on 24 April. Small, of course, because the legions of professionals working in fractionals before the global fi nancial crisis (referred to, without much irony, as “the end of the world” by several delegates) have largely disappeared, leaving only a few steadfast companies.

So, why have these companies survived when others fell fl at? An enlightening Q&A session after the awards highlighted two words: integrity and innovation. Those who gained and retained customers’ trust and those who were willing to be fl exible in their ideas were the companies who survived.

George Sell, Editor of Fractional Life, told OPP, “We were delighted to welcome award winners from across Europe, Asia and the US to London for the 2013 Fractional Life Awards. It’s always good for the industry to get together and celebrate the best in the business, and those who were honored all have one thing in common - despite diffi cult economic circumstances they have achieved success through innovation and determination. The Q&A session after the awards presentation was very illuminating, and revealed a sense of solidarity in the fractional sector as several leading operators offered to share their ‘trade secrets’ with their peers.”

Winners & judges’ comments:

Best development EMEA Winner: Vilnius Golf & Spa - an ambitious project bringing high quality fractional ownership properties to a new market as part of a thoughtfully planned mixed-use development Highly commended: Azure - A polished Mediterranean resort offering a range of ownership options and comprehensive facilities

Best development Asia Winner: Karma Kandara Bali - Beautiful setting, superb service levels and great accommodation

Best development US, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean Winner: Freedom Bay St Lucia - a real success story, demonstrating how the right product and a strong marketing campaign can succeed through the recession

David Disick

David Disick has spent a lifetime working in the fractional industry. In fact, he was working in the fractional industry long before its products were called fractionals.

His approach to fractionals has consistently been realistic and focused on value for the consumer.

He has worked for developer clients all over the world and was very early in recognising the huge potential of the market in Russia and the former Soviet states.

He is living proof that good, solid hard work and experience can (sometimes) triumph over fl ashy packaging and heavyweight marketing.

As well as being hugely respected throughout the industry, David is OPP’s correspondent on all things related to fractionals.

He is also a thoroughly nice man. OPP congratulates him on his achievement, which could not be more deserved.

You can contact David on: Telephone: +1 (386) 668-5877

Email: Website:

Highly commended: Dancing Bear Aspen - Has seen a real turnaround since coming under the Timbers umbrella and is a model high-end ski resort development

Best PRC/destination club Winner: Mayacama, Timbers Resorts - A wonderful setting, great amenities, quality accommodation and access to the Timbers reciprocity programme. Highly Commended: Karma Royal Residences - With standout properties in diverse destinations, this PRC gives owners quality and the fl exibility they’d expect

Innovation and excellence Winner: Azure - The fractional sector has not been noted for its use of social media, but Azure is out to change that with a highly targeted campaign Highly commended: Residence Club of Argentina - A new territory for the fractional model, incredible value and a real innovation - offering time in three boutique hotels rather than the traditional villas or apartments.

Services to the Industry Winner: David Disick - He was there right at the start of the fractional sector with the Franz Klammer Club, and is currently the most visible and vocal advocate of the model in diffi cult times. Opening up the Russian market and investigating new funding avenues are two of his current projects. Highly Commended: The Registry Collection - A look at how many of this year’s award entries have heavily emphasized their TRC affi liation demonstrates how highly the exchange programme is rated in the industry

Readers’ Choice Awards Vilnius Golf & Spa resort

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