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Noreen Khan

5. “Eastern Jam” by Chase and Status

This one is actually a Dubstep tune which sampled a Bollywood song from a fi lm called Devdas. The bass and the whole sort of griminess of it sounds pretty good, especially if you’ve got some good speakers.

When it comes to non-Asian music, I’ve got quite an eclectic taste. I like my Dubstep so I listen to the likes of Chase & Status.

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I like all of my old stuff too I’m a big fan of Jimi Hendrix so I like blasting “All Along the Watchtower”. I like my Grime as well, artists like Tinie Tempah. I do like the odd pop tune. I love Katy B. She’s got a very good sound and she doubles up into the whole Dubstep area.

Quick picks

was funny because I was driving along listening to my music and suddenly I heard a bang. It didn’t actually register that it was my car! It was only when my car moved that I thought, “Oh my God that’s me!” and I held on to the steering wheel really tightly and put my foot down on the brake. I don’t know how I managed to just walk out of it. I suffered minor whiplash which was amazing considering my car was written off and completely shattered.

Did you know?

If you were stranded on a desert island what CD would you take? That a tough one because I love so much music. I think for me I would have to take old classic Bollywood songs because I grew up with it. My mum would take me to the cinema to watch Bollywood fi lms when I was about three, it’s quite soulful music. I’m also a massive fan of Michael Jackson.

So probably “Thriller” or “Off the wall”. I listened to it as a child over and over again for about three years and never got bored of it!

“And what book?”

I like biographies and I’m a massive Marilyn Monroe fan, so for me I’d have to take a Marilyn Monroe book with lots of pictures , I’m happy just looking at them for hours!

I was obviously quite shook up but it didn’t stop me getting back in the driving seat, I had the accident on a Saturday and went back to work in a courtesy car the following Tuesday!

That’s why I’m always very careful on the road. You only have to take your eyes off the road for a minute, even just being distracted by changing the track on your iPod, which you shouldn’t be doing really, and it’s so easily done…

Mini or Mercedes?Mini Eastenders or Coronation Street ? Eastenders Dance or Dubstep? Dubstep Horror or comedy? Comedy defi nitely! Facebook or twitter? You’ve got 25, 000 tweets, yes, as you can see, I’m a twitterholic! Kanye or Jay Z? Jay Z Adele or Rhianna?Adele Russell Brand or Katie Perry?Defi nitely Russell Brand, I quite fancy him! Coldplay or Radiohead? Radiohead Eminem or Professor Green? Eminem – a very credible rap artist!


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