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Noreen Khan

Are you a calm driver? I have to say, I’m quite a calm driver, I don’t get road rage, I just think it’s better to stay calm and I do do a lot of mileage. I mean years ago I was doing like 20,000 miles but now that I’m settled in Birmingham, I’d say I do about 10,000 a year now, so still quite a lot of mileage.

What annoys you about other drivers and are you calm behind

the wheel yourself? I have to say, I’m quite a calm driver, I don’t get road rage, I just think it’s far better just to stay calm.

I really hate it when you’re on the motorway and people just keep braking for no reason. And when drivers try to cut you up, or jump into lanes without indicating. It’s all very dangerous. I get really annoyed with guys that speed too. Obviously you get guys trying to race each other and it’s just like “yeah, not impressive!”.

Is there a big thing about image

with guys and cars? Defi nitely, with the Asian guys they’re a big thing. They like to customise them and bling them out and lower them , alloys and all that…

You have to take care of yourself if you’re a passenger too. Sometimes girls don’t wear their seatbelts. They might think it’s not cool and that their boyfriend might not be impressed – but you have to put your seatbelt on and put safety fi rst!

Would you recommend they learn to drive as soon as

possible? Personally I think it’s a good skill to learn how to drive and to learn in the correct way. If a girl has an older boyfriend who says “ I’ll give

you a few lessons”, then they’re not being taught the correct way so if they have proper lessons at a young age it teaches them all the basics of how to drive safely. I learned when I was 18 and passed when I was 19 and at the fi rst time. Everyone was shocked, even I was shocked!

Did you have any problems? I had all my driving lessons in the dark! I had them around winter time, so it made it even harder. So when I had my test in daylight I found it a lot easier!

What was your fi rst car? My sister’s hand - me - down car and it was a BIG car which I hated! It was a Nissan Bluebird Turbo. But you can’t go wrong with a Japanese car! I also had a Honda Civic when I was younger. At the moment I’m driving a Phantom Black Audi TT.

“You get guys trying to race each other

and it’s just like yeah, not impressive!”

Had any accidents? Yes, in 2008 I was driving to

Birmingham from Bedford on the M6, on my way to do the chart show, when I got hit by a massive lorry. My car was written off and all my windows smashed. My car spun around. Obviously I couldn’t go in to do my show

I can remember everything: I

had a little MR2 at the time so

he just didn’t see me because the

car was quite small. He

tried to move into my lane and hit me. The car just spun around. He obviously saw me then! It

Drive time!

Noreen’s top Desi driving tunes

If you want to know about what’s hot on the Asian music scene then there’s no better girl to tell you all about it than Drive Time’s Miss Khan herself! Here’s her top 5 drivin’ tunes!

1. “Amplifi er” by Imran Khan

Ok! We’ll start with “Amplifi er”, it was released in 2009 and it’s had over 23 million hits on You Tube. Imran Khan is a Dutch singer, who sings in Punjabi, but the music is actually very electro and on an urban dance vibe, so it’s defi nitely a big driving tune.

2. “Gaddi” by Jazzi B

Jazzy B’s called the crown prince of

Bhangra. He’s probably the biggest Bhangra artist on the market at the moment. “Gaddi” is a Punjabi word for car and the track is all about just cruising around. It’s a big tune!

3.“Chammak Challo” from the Movie Ra.One,

vocals by Akon

This song was released earlier this year, it’s got Akon on vocals and he made his Bollywood debut with this one for the soundtrack of a fi lm called “Ra.One”. It’s the most expensive Bollywood fi lm to date. It’s just very catchy and sounds good in the car.

4. “Kangna” by Dr Zeus

And the next one I’ve gone for is a track called “Kangna”, again on a very urban vibe. It’s a big Bhangra track by an artist called Dr Zeus and sounds great in the car!


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