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be able to jumpstart a car, and change their own windscreen wipers ( presumably not at the same time). There’s also a trend for women

More than a third of people killed

in car accidents were not wearing seatbelts, according to a new report

The study by the AA, also shows that wearing a seatbelt more than halves the risk of death in a collision.

It also highlights another interesting fact as the report also says, “the sort of driver who chooses not to wear a belt is twice as likely to be involved in a crash as someone who does belt up”

The report also points to evidence from former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens that Princess Diana would have survived the Paris car crash had she been wearing a seatbelt.

AA president Edmund King said: “It is astonishing that one third of vehicle occupants killed do not wear seatbelts .There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from Princess Diana’s tragic death in Paris in terms of driving too fast, drink- drug driving and the added risks of not wearing a seatbelt.”

Here’s the latest Government ad to get drivers to belt up: Diesel disaster Oops – A petrol station in the

Midlands accidentally gave all the punters unleaded who actually asked for diesel. Apparently someone fi lled up the pump wrongly - so everyone who used it broke down. But hey - don’t be scared - this is very unusual. It’s more common for people to fi ll up with the wrong stuff because they simply weren’t paying attention. ...If it ever happens to you - DON’T START THE CAR! Get the Breakdown bloke over straight away before you wreck your engine!

Most wanted!

Police in Ireland had a spot of trouble recently when they were in hot pursuit of motoring maniac Mr Prawo Jazdy who had rattled up over 50 offences on his devastating trail of chaos. Bit of a shame really as it turns out that the name is Polish for ‘Driving Licence’ Well at least that one’s been

cleared up… REV ONLINE| 39

taking a greater interest in the world of motoring with 60% divulging that they regularly watch “Top Gear”.

Airbags smoke! It’s worth knowing this... in a

crash if your airbag goes off then it’s going to let off a lot of smoke – it’s actually cornstarch powder that’s used to lubricate it. Drivers often think their car’s

on fi re and so obviously panic like crazy!

Wake up WAKE UP!!! Look there’s obviously a fair

few drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. But it’s just been proven by the AAA Foundation for Traffi c Safety (sounds pretty offi cial to me so it must be right) that young drivers are twice as likely to fall asleep whilst driving as those aged between 40- 59. Strange really as folk that age

seem to spend half their lives having a quick nap... It’s probably down to too many

late nights and not stopping enough on longer journeys. So if you’re on the motorway it’s always good to stop at the services a few times - most drivers who fall asleep do it on long boring journeys.

Driver rips off clothes in police chase

If you’re ever in a crash then the

main thing is to stay calm and don’t make things worse! Get the other drivers reg and contact details and even take a pic of the scene. It might prove it wasn’t your fault! Don’t do what the guy did, who

after the accident, ripped all his clothes off and ran down the road. When the police caught up with him they wrapped him in silver foil like an oven ready turkey!

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