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drive safe

Driven to distraction!

We all know that it’s dangerous to get distracted whilst we’re behind the wheel right?


Yep, we all think about the usual crazy stuff motorists get up to – texting, messing about with the radio, shouting at their passengers etc, etc…

But a new survey from Santander has shown that there’s even more going on out there that will literally take your breath away!

Amongst the top shockers that drivers have confessed to are reading behind the wheel, putting on make-up, shaving and even kissing a passenger! Whilst it’s safe to assume that they weren’t doing them all at the same time, it’s pretty alarming to think that guy driving in the opposite direction could be just giving himself a once over with his Remington 360 before falling into the arms of his loved up Mrs!

It’s worse for the guys!

Distracted guys are also twice as likely to crash their cars as women too. The report says that 11% of men crashed because they were distracted compared to just 5% of women.

The reasons people gave for near misses were:

• adjusting the car stereo 76% • eating 64% • drinking soft drinks 66% • map reading 41% • talking on mobile phones 42%

Now here’s the problem: ARE YOU??? HOW SAFE

Take the test online...

Virtually every person surveyed thought that texting behind the wheel was the most crazy, stupid and downright dangerous activity that anyone could do. But 20% actually admitted to doing it themselves (and it’s probably more like double that anyway).

So it seems that we look at other people’s driving and think they’re crazy risk takersbut when it comes tome, well that’scompletely different. Perhaps it’s the “It won’t happen to me” syndrome… but judging by the number of accidents it clearly happens to someone…

Why, why, why ??? You said…

“Because people generally believe that they are better at everything than they really are. It’s a skewed perception, just like how people also think they are kinder or better people than they actually are.”

“Actually it’s human nature that we never want to accept our own bad habits, we always think that we are better than others. That’s why we give excuses for our bad driving … if she wasn’t speeding, if he hadn’t have braked…” REV ONLINE| 05

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