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crime corner

• Don’t leave any good stuff on display when you leave your car – believe it or not people are still leaving laptops, handbags and sat navs for all to see whilst they “just pop out for a moment!” Don’t even leave your coat on show either – there might not be anything in it but the thieves don’t know that and will smash your window just to make sure for themselves…

• Don’t leave electrical stuff like chargers or adaptors on show either or they’ll think your glove compartment is loaded with goodies!

As cars are harder than ever to break into, thieves are looking to get their hands on your keys or just help themselves, if you happen to leave the doors opened…

• Thieves are taking to fi shing keys out through letterboxes or open windows – so don’t leave them lying around! About one third of all the cars stolen are taken just outside or nearby the owner’s home.

• Don’t forget to lock your car, even if you’re just leaving it for a couple of minutes when you fi ll it up or pop out to the shop. Guess what? Thieves actually realise that most of us forget to lock up at the petrol station!

• What’s worse is that if you ever leave the keys in your car and it gets nicked, the insurance company probably won’t pay up! Just perfect…

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• If you’re out on a mega shop then don’t keep going back to your car with all your new shiny purchases – someone might be watching and waiting…

• Reverse into parking spaces - It makes it harder for thieves to have a good look in your boot!



Just imagine you’re on a night out – you’re looking for a parking space and… “well, what do we have here? A perfect spot, couple of cars nearby – seems ok and it’s completely free!”

But there’s a bit of a prob when you arrive back in the early hours – the whole place is unlit and there’s not another car in sight! Scary or what?! So just think before you park –even if it costs!

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