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It’s different for girls… Diamond’s Sian Lewis says: It’s now been confi rmed that

girls have different types of road accidents to blokes. The list for women includes accidents in car parks, bumps on roundabouts and prangs at traffi c lights. On the other hand, male motorists are more likely than females to have a head on collision, drive their car up or down an embankment or hit a crash barrier. Research by car insurers Diamond has shown

“Our research suggests the way men and women drive is different. Possibly men drive faster and more aggressively than women, while women are more easily distracted than men behind the wheel of a car.”

Are you a failure??? If you took the test today –

would YOU pass??? Well according to What Car?

that women tend to be in more accidents at slower speeds, where cars are close together, while men have more high-speed accidents where it is easy to lose control.

Magazine almost half of the drivers in the UK would be likely to fail their driving test if they retook it today! Ok so they only tested twenty and nine failed. But hey it just proves what we already know – there’s a lot of useless drivers out there… Paul Atkinson, MD of What Car? Driving School, said: “Driving skills learned are easily forgotten or poorly applied once the practical test is passed. There is a strong case for systematic additional driver training every fi ve years.”

Marmite mayhem Hoards of Marmite loving motorists have now been clobbered by a shocking double

whammy! A jar of Marmite now cost more than a gallon of petrol. Despairing consumers will now be left with the stark, gut wrenching choice - which goes fi rst...the Marmite or the car???

Can she fix it? Yes she can!

Well it was the old joke that

girls didn’t have a clue what was happening in the dark depths of their car’s inner workings. Well not so any more my friend! A recent survey by car insurer

Diamond, has shown that the women are not only keeping an eye on the oil and water but that around 4 out of 10 of them would be more than happy to change a wheel without a man’s help! The same number of women also said they’d

Having your dad teach you to drive can be a scary business – it’s bad

enough as he rants, raves and sweats profusely as you have another shot at that reverse parking . And some of the language – well it’s enough to make our good friend Eminem blush! Well now there’s even worse news for Pops! If he doesn’t know the rules he could be breaking the law BIG TIME… According to the AA nearly a quarter of parent instructors didn’t realise

that they can’t use a mobile when they’re teaching. But the biggest shocker is this…an amazing one in ten didn’t realise they couldn’t fall asleep whilst instructing their bemused offspring! Surely not??? If that doesn’t send you back to the nearest driving school then

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