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techie time! CARS THAT DON’T NEED YOU!

Google have run a fl eet of Toyota Prius driverless cars round California. It was all going well until one of them was rudely rear-ended by another of the futuristic fl eet! All’s well though as Google later explained that the offending car actually had a human behind the wheel at the time …how weird!

And here we have the BMW that does most of the work for you! To me it just looks like Nick off “The Apprentice” has gone crazy, started talking German and taken his hands off the wheel!


What a great way to stop thieves nicking your wheels! Basically Japanese engineers have developed a car that recognises whose bum is sitting in the driver’s seat and if it aint your’s then it’s a complete no-go! What happens if you shed three stones in a post-Christmas crash diet is anyone’s guess...

Apparently the system has a 98% success rate. Which just leaves a sorry 2% to walk home in the rain...


New car technology is pretty awesome! Your car will soon be able to have a quick look at the traffi c and think mmm we’re not going there today! (of course if every car has them it could get interesting). It will even take a quick look at the weather for you – so it’ll give you something to talk about together on the journey. And when you start up it will even turn off your house lights and whack on the radio station you were playing in the kitchen!

Might get a bit annoying after a while, a bit like having someone following you around who always knows best…


This is where it can really start to get dodgy – games for kids in the backseat with holograms, even touch screen games on their side windows. When does all the fl ashing and crashing start to put you off your driving?


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