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Using Innovation to Create Opportunity in Today’s Marketplace

More than ever before, now is the time for controlling costs, achieving efficiency gains, and introducing more flexible approaches to facilities service provision – innovation is the key. Having a well rounded facilities management software system in place can help you achieve this.


teve Jones, Sales Director for Qube Global Software’s ‘Planet’ Facilities Management system comments: “We have been able to maintain a resolutely optimistic approach to our business. Indeed we and others would say that the current environment offers real opportunities in the Facilities arena; particularly those who have invested in a good CAFM solution. Innovation and ‘smart working’ are key to overcoming the challenges posed by this climate.”

Business Process Efficiencies and Cost Reduction

An effective CAFM system will be able to adapt to and speed up your work-flows using features such as one time data entry to minimise re-keying of information, and drop down menus and auto-completion of fields based on pre-defined parameters.

The best solutions can in fact be opened up to user’s suppliers and/or customers, enabling them to log calls and complete work order details for example. Work management can be automated from end to end, using web portals, sending work via PDA’s and emails, automatically assigning costs and finally calculating charge rates and profit margins for immediate invoicing of work where relevant. Paperwork and administrative burden can be completely removed from the process, at the same time as increasing the information available to colleagues and partners.

Cloud Computing

We have already mentioned the reduction in capital spending in the public sector. FM software is increasingly being offered and implemented within the Cloud, including Qube’s Planet solution. “Our clients recognise the real tangible benefits of cloud computing: removal of hardware infrastructure costs, scalability of the solution to fit their size, removal of capital costs, accessibility and increased business continuity,” says Steve Jones.

Building & Facilities Management – November 2011

Business Intelligence Too many


concentrate on process, when changes to that process need to be driven by

knowledge and understanding of what’s happening. Spotting exceptions where cost and

Steve Jones

time overruns occur, allows users to innovate and adapt. Solutions offering graphical dashboards provide users with the ability to examine and drill down into the detail of their operations without spending expensive time working through pages of reports and creating excel sheets. These can be creatively used to bring to the fore where problems may exist.

In summary, facilities management software solutions are enabling users to take advantage of the opportunities created in the FM sector by today’s challenging climate. The state of the art technology can increase operational efficiency and drive improvements to service provision, while still reducing costs. Email: Tel: 020 7726 3200

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