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Extended PAT range meets all appliance safety test needs

Electrical safety testing specialist Seaward has upgraded and expanded its range of specialist instruments to provide ready-made solutions for workplace portable appliance testing (PAT). The Seaward PrimeTest range is designed to meet all levels of electrical equipment safety testing needs – from in-house safety testing to

specialist PAT contract services. The hand held range includes lightweight and battery powered testers for the effective safety testing of all Class I and Class II electrical equipment.

Basic electrical

checks are incorporated into the easy to operate entry level PrimeTest 50, with additional earth leakage tests available in the PrimeTest 100. Both testers feature simple push button activation with clear

pass/fail indications for appliance tests. The comprehensive PrimeTest 250 is an intermediate level tester that provides complete electrical safety testing in line with the IEE Code of Practice. Special features include RCD‚ powered earth leakage‚ touch current and 3-phase leakage test capabilities.

The PrimeTest range is completed by the advanced PrimeTest 350 that combines a full range of electrical tests with Bluetooth connectivity‚ an extended internal memory and with upload and download features for maximum field test efficiencies.

The powerful Europa and Supernova testers complete the full Seaward PAT range – with the latter incorporating a special hi-pot/flash test capability for comprehensive electrical safety testing in a wide range of sectors.

The Seaward PAT range is supported by a series of PATGuard record keeping software programs for the management of test results, together with a full range of test accessories, training materials and technical support. Email:

SafeTIC launch DOC®

SafeTIC has announced the launch in the UK of DOC®

the first Connected

Operational Defibrillator. Designed to help save lives, this leading-edge technology is rolled out in partnership with Philips Laerdal, Mondial Assistance and with training provided by British Red Cross Training.

addresses a major public health issue by helping to reduce the mortality rate of heart attacks through the large- scale deployment of readily accessible, easy-to-use defibrillators that harness leading-edge technology. The DOC® system is designed for socially responsible companies and organisations and reduces the anxieties often associated with investing in this type of equipment. Surviving an of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest is closely linked to how quickly a shock can be delivered. There is a much greater chance of survival if the casualty is defibrillated within 4 minutes of the heart attack occurring. When every minute counts, clear, simple and reliable instructions are essential. The DOC®

With over 124,000 people in the UK suffering from a heart attack each year, DOC®

defibrillator system from

SafeTIC offers more than just an automated defibrillator. When deployed, the DOC®

alert and makes contact with an Building & Facilities Management – November 2011 system automatically triggers an

experienced helpdesk operator provided by Mondial

Assistance, a world leader in remote medical

services. At the same time, a GPS signal gives

the operator immediate notification of the exact location of the patient and a call to the emergency services is made. Companies that sign up to the DOC® service package are provided with 4 hours of training from British Red Cross Training on basic CPR techniques and how to use the defibrillator.

with DOC®

Companies or organisations equipped are not responsible for

monitoring or maintaining the equipment and can rest assured that the equipment is ready for use at any time. This is all part of the service from SafeTIC and the system is supplied through a monthly subscription agreement which offers both peace of mind as well being an affordable package that will help businesses provide this essential service when budgets are tight.

Keep your business up and running

Arco has stocked up on winter products and launched an expert guide on how businesses should prepare for winter with the right workwear and equipment to weather any storms and freezing conditions and provide a safe working environment.

To help ensure everyone enjoys a safer winter working environment, Arco has stocked up on all the items necessary for winter such as de-icing salt, salt spreading equipment and snow shovels so that well prepared businesses will have everything that they need to keep exterior access routes and car parks clear and minimise risks caused by snow and ice, in particular slips, trips and falls. Arco is supporting this with an Expert Guide to Winter Workplace Safety that offers all the advice a business needs to prepare for wintry conditions. The Guide offers customers advice on buying and using salt economically and safely with additional recommendations on the types of equipment needed for spreading and storing salt.

Arco offers only marine salt, one of the purest forms of salt, and therefore an excellent de-icer, and can supply in quantities from single bags, through to tonne bags and loose salt.

Working in cold environments can impose physical hazards, health risks and affect an individual’s performance in the workplace. With many people working or travelling to work in environments that are exposed to the cold, wet, or windy conditions during the winter months, it is imperative that they are able to protect themselves against the elements and accidents that can occur.

When the temperature drops outside, workers can stay protected with Arco’s highly durable range of jackets, fleeces, thermals, hats, gloves and footwear.

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