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Multi-faith toilet and washing facilities

Portaloo has launched a specially designed range of multi-faith toilet and washing facilities which are now available to hire for a wide variety of situations, from airports to universities, colleges, hospitals and leisure complexes.

The Portaloo Natural and Purity buildings have been developed in response to an increase in demand for ‘natural position’ toilet buildings and wudu washing facilities. The new Portaloo Natural building

provides hygienic natural position/squat toilets which have a range of features: • A raised platform with integral drainage for ease of cleaning • Non-slip vinyl flooring which is both safe and hygienic • A hand-held cleansing head with coiled pipework • Regulated warm water • A partitioned lockable cubicle for privacy.

Developed following close consultation with users and facilities management teams, Portaloo Purity provides private and respectful wudu cleansing facilities used for the Islamic ritual to prepare for formal prayers. The building is a spacious self- contained unit that caters separately for both male and female users.

The first application of the multi-faith personal washing facilities was a project at Brunel University, which had a requirement from students who required a high quality pre-prayer wash room while a major new building was under construction. The interim building was needed to enable students preparing for prayer to wash their face, arms and feet in running water, with separate areas for men and women. Tel: 0845 200 5555 Email:

Meet the members

The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association’s (CHSA) Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme is actively supported by some of the biggest names in the away from home paper products market. The intention of these companies and the other Scheme members is to raise standards across the industry and improve the service delivered to buyers. As a consequence of their commitment, companies can buy from Scheme members, confident they are getting exactly what they are paying for.

Every Scheme member has passed the CHSA’s stringent auditing process. Explaining why they value the Scheme and have committed the time and resource required to obtain approval, these companies articulated the assurance the Scheme gives to their customers.

A founder member of the CHSA’s Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme, SCA Hygiene Products sees clear benefits of the scheme to both members and buyers. Jenny Turner at SCA, explained: “We strongly believe buyers of soft tissue products should be able to trust that a product is as it is described and, therefore, buy with confidence. To this end, whilst we provide Tork branded products with clear traceability for our customers, we support the Scheme to help underpin integrity in the market as a whole. Customers can buy from any member of the CHSA’s Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme re- assured that they are getting what they are paying for.” Mark Dewick of Metsa Tissue, continued: “Joining the CHSA’s Scheme was a very simple decision for us; we knew our products would pass the auditing process and believe the Scheme benefits buyers of these products. As a Finnish company, we adhere to many international standards and are members of the CHSA’s Accreditation Scheme because it is relevant to the local market.” Visit for more information.

Building & Facilities Management – November 2011

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