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“Less Power, Same Job”

With UK energy costs increasing (up to 19%), it has never been more important for businesses to save money and reduce carbon by identifying energy wastage. Having the correct tools in place can significantly help to make substantial savings year on year.

Occupier Friendly Dashboard

What gets measured, gets managed, gets saved A common problem in reducing consumption is coordinating action across a number of parties, from landlord, to maintainer and occupier. With energy data becoming more and more abundant, what is needed is an automatic solution to bring this data together and then clearly

communicate it across all parties in a user friendly format.

Knowledge drives behaviour changes The Optimal Energy Monitoring System converts readily available (but often ‘meaningless’ energy data from the utility providers and Building Management Systems) data into easy to understand,

and readily accessible information, while adding guidance on how and where energy is being used, helping people to reduce utility consumption in real time. This awareness, common sense and competitiveness encourage staff to switch off and shut down equipment when not in use. Our Dashboard displays are the perfect tools for publishing technical energy data at reception desks or over the intranet in a non-technical format that everybody can understand, be kept informed and get involved in reducing energy.

That’s not all. The Optimal system provides information to maintainers on poorly performing heating and cooling. Often a number of small tweaks are all that is needed to reduce consumption by over 10%.

It’s a big win, straight off the bottom line

Climate Change Capital, ABS

Consulting, the maintainer and the tenants have successfully put this into practice. Using the Optimal Platform across their building portfolio they have driven down consumption in all areas without impacting tenant satisfaction.

Automatic Alerts for Overuse Case Study

Energy saving initiative cuts costs by 56% and carbon by 53% at prestige Birmingham city office

Climate Change Capital Climate Change Capital is an environmental investment organisation purchasing commercial buildings with the aim of making them more energy efficient - reducing costs and lowering carbon

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footprints, making them more attractive to occupiers and increasing their value. Tim Mockett, co-founder of Climate Change Property Fund commented “the collaboration at 5 St Philips Place between the building occupants and us as landlord in delivering energy savings of approximately £170,000 over 2 years is a remarkable achievement, greatly assisted by the implementation of the real time data delivered via the web-based Optimal Energy Monitoring System”.


CCC scoured the market in its search for a real-time, web-based energy monitoring system to drive down cost and

deliver carbon savings adding staff awareness and involvement through dashboard displays, requiring:- • Ease of use – flexible and simple to operate

• Delivery of technical information in a non-technical format

• Incorporation of multi-energy sources, combined with non-energy data

• Automatic, management, benchmark, exception and bespoke reporting

• Reception display, screen saver, build-your-own dashboard. They found exactly what they were looking for in the Optimal Monitoring

Building & Facilities Management – November 2011

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