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UK waste industry’s first mobile phone App

Waste management specialists Cleansing Service Group (CSG) have launched the UK waste industry’s first mobile phone App which allows CSG and its customers to communicate quickly using the latest digital technology. The App allows CSG customers and other users working from any location to instantly categorise their waste by giving them access to the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) codes. This could be particularly useful in the event of a spill to ensure the paperwork is accurate and compliant.

The EWC is a list of descriptions that classifies waste into categories according to how these wastes have been produced. They are required to be used when completing duty of care waste transfer

notes and hazardous waste consignment note documentation under current legislation guidelines.

Users will also have access to details of the company’s services, location, contact information and 24 hour emergency hotline.

CSG’s group business development manager, Mike Wilson, said: “The App enables those responsible for categorising wastes to have this essential information at their fingertips at all times which will assist them to make immediate decisions about handling and disposal options. “The EWC information will be updated regularly and access to more CSG services will be added on a regular basis.” The App is free to download from and supports

Blackberry, Android and iPhone platforms. CSG runs a specialist hazardous waste treatment and recovery division and is the UK’s largest provider of domestic sewage collection and disposal services

New BioAmp offers high efficiency, environmentally friendly wastewater treatment at less cost

BioAmp is a revolutionary system that solves a range of wastewater problems and at the same time brings considerable cost savings to abattoirs, food processing factories, dairies and breweries. This latest version of BioAmp features temperature control to maximise microbial growth that will deliver consistent results. BioAmp is a unique, computer controlled microbial fermentation unit that is installed on site and delivers a large amount of active, naturally occurring bacteria directly into the waste water stream. The bacteria then goes to work on the wastewater, reducing grease, fats

and oils build-up, as well as eliminating odours. It is ideal for use on grease traps, septic tanks and sewage treatments at far less cost than other bacteria based systems.

The BioAmp system can deliver 30 trillion live bacteria every 24-hours. The BioAmp system is 1000 times more powerful at one-tenth the cost of dry powder or liquid bacterial formulations. It enables wastewater problems to be solved in-house, enabling compliance with European Directives and local regulations. The system has US National Sanitation Foundation approval (NSF).

Many Governments and local authorities have introduced stringent requirements on wastewater purity for industrial and

commercial facilities, involving surcharges and fines for those who do not meet the standards required. BioAmp speeds and amplifies the natural breakdown of organic waste, including soluble BOD, TSS, ammonia and FOG, transforming highly

14 feature :: waste management & recycling

polluted wastewater to acceptable levels. BioAmp’s unique technology can bring savings of thousands of pounds per year by reducing surcharges, fines and energy costs for businesses and other organisations. Because the system is supplied and maintained on a monthly fee basis, there is no capital equipment investment required. It can normally be incorporated into existing drainage systems without the need for modifications.

BioAmp converts Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) to CO2

and H2 O and

reduces the amount of off-site sludge disposal. It lowers energy consumption, conserves water and can replace harmful chemicals, making it a vital part of any environmental improvement programme. It can also help companies achieve ISO 14,001 Certification and enhance the IPPC directive.

BioAmp presents one of those rare opportunities when solving an environmental problem has an immediate and measurable impact, needs no large capital investment and brings with it a sizeable cost reduction.

BioAmp is produced and supplied by BioHygenic, which is an NCH company. Email:

Building & Facilities Management – November 2011

Waste Management & Recycling

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