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Up to 700% improvement

The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle replaces a conventional pull-door handle with a design that automatically dispenses sanitising gel directly into the hand when the user opens the door. In trials, the Hygiene Handle was shown to improve hand-hygiene compliance rates by up to 700%.

Studies have shown that despite the best efforts of infection prevention staff, a high percentage of hospital

visitors do not use

conventional wall-mounted gel dispensers because they forget or do not understand the importance of good hand hygiene.

The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle solves this problem by incorporating the gel dispenser into the door handle, ensuring that everyone who enters the area uses the sanitising hand gel. In hospital trials compliance rates were increased on average by more than 100%. In some areas, the increase was as high as 700%. A key feature of the intelligent gel delivery system is that it ensures just the right amount of gel is dispensed, and that gel is spread onto the hand to avoid it dripping onto the floor. The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle has been successfully trialled in NHS hospitals in Portsmouth and Winchester. To arrange an evaluation at your site, call Matt Roberts at Pure Hold on 02392 299100.

Early warning could prevent catastrophe

Hanwell Instruments Ltd’s Gutter Sensor RL4504 is designed to alert the owners and managers of buildings long before overflows fatally weaken guttering and roof drainage systems, which can result in further destruction to fascias, brick and paintwork, as well as causing severe damp to the insides of buildings and potentially wrecking contents. Hanwell Instruments Ltd. has teamed up with Hutton & Rostron to develop a wireless gutter monitoring system. The Gutter Sensor RL 4504 has been designed to enable users to monitor areas which

were previously deemed too difficult to reach on a regular basis.

The device is minimally invasive to install, and for those with existing Hanwell wireless monitoring, the Gutter Sensor and alarm can be simply added to the system. The instrument is highly flexible and can monitor other parameters such as temperature, humidity and energy levels at the same time.

The product has been designed to comply with the RoHS and WEEE EU directives and carries the CE mark.

Updated and expanded

The new fifth edition of the BOC Safety Products Catalogue offers a greater choice then ever before, with just about everything needed to ensure personal safety in the workplace.

Building on BOC’s own commitment to safety and over a century’s experience of operating in hazardous environments, that knowledge has been directed to selecting the best in personal protective equipment (PPE) from across the globe. The 2012 catalogue from BOC, a member of The Linde Group, carries many new product lines – including unique Adaptec safety goggles from North, ZeroFlame Rail coveralls, BOC welding helmets, Uvex eye and hearing protection, Black Rock Footwear and First Aid kits with the latest BSI requirements. The new catalogue also provides details about the additional services BOC offers. These include: face-fit testing for

respiratory masks; servicing on anything from


machines to gas

detectors; on-site risk assessments; and welding equipment hire. Every product

in the

catalogue can be purchased at Print copies can be ordered online, via telephone on 0800 111 333 – or for collection at any BOC store. Email:

A healthy interest in a growing problem

Housing organisations are taking a healthy interest in their tenants’ health and well being, by linking good housing and good health. VPS, The Vacant Property Specialists, is experiencing strong demand for its mould inspections as landlords try to improve the health, and address the vulnerability, of their tenants as winter approaches.

Every year housing associations and tenants face serious problems with mould growth, which has become increasingly widespread in both old and new properties. Rented accommodation is particularly susceptible to mould as tenants may not always adequately ventilate homes, and often minimise central heating

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use, due to the increasingly high cost of heating a property. Mould spores pose a strong risk for asthma and respiratory symptoms, particularly for vulnerable groups such as babies, children and elderly people during the autumn and winter months, as the lack of heating and ventilation turns damp properties into giant grow bags.

Housing organisations have a duty of care to remove any mould within 28 days to protect their tenants. Because mould is a natural phenomenon it cannot always be eradicated completely, however, professional treatment will keep

it at bay for longer and minimise damage to tenants’ health and protect properties for the long term. Building & Facilities Management – November 2011

Health & Safety

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