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T h e f u t u r e o f o u r c l e a n i n g i n d u s t r y
This month in
Green Planet Solutions
Green Planet Solutions
with our manufacturer working hard to keep up cost is covered by the increased efficiency of Moving forward we would like to keep our
with demands placed on them by our network. the products themselves. plans simple, with GPS being remaining as a
is FSC certified
All new products being introduced to any We now have over 30 companies selling
hub for new innovative green products.
market place against established products will different products supplied to them by GPS, The continued growth of the network of
MANAGING DIRECTOR, MATT ANDERSON, GIVES US A have to work hard to break through and yes but we still like to have more. Our distributors partners, will increase our opportunities to test
GREEN, CLEAN INSIGHT INTO THE WORLD OF GREEN there is a lead time for the market to vary in size of turnover from £1M to £60M and and release more products. In the past year the
PLANET SOLUTIONS. understand change, and then agree to pursue also sit in different sectors of the market. number of UK manufactures approaching GPS
it. We believe that our products do make has increased dramatically, which is has to be
Green Planet Solutions are still looking to This was no easy task but armed with the data
difference which is why we are prepared to a positive thing. To date, approx 60% of our
stimulate the market by introducing new and collected from the test sites chosen in a variety
invest the time and money required to make sales are manufactured in the UK!
innovative green products. of different sectors (shopping centres, airports
them a success.
Green Planet is now looking to implement a
After just three years we have seen a vast
and office blocks) gradually the network began
With any company particularly a newly formed procedure that will carbon footprint our supply
improvement within the cleaning and
to grow.
one you need luck or like minded chain and therefore manufacturers will be
washroom sector there is now a willingness to When selecting a product to add to the range
Read up on this sustainable
organisations that understand your ethos and encouraged to supply more information in
accept change as well as an array of new there are certain criteria that we ask for the first
ideas but primarily share the same vision of order to assess their own footprint.
products that are without doubt making a being the most obvious:
the future.
difference. •In what way does your product improve Our business has lots of challenges and achievement.
GPS have been very lucky to receive the targets to achieve in the future and we realise
The original idea that gave birth to Green Planet the environment?
support of a number of large organisations that this can only be done by continuing to
the company was to develop a green hub for •How wel does it function. But for us the most important factor in the
that continue to see the value of what we are form strong working relationships with both our
manufactures from the UK, Europe and the rest • Is it easy to use? selection process is really quite simple. It has
trying to do. manufacturers
Editor’s Voice
of the world to get their products to market.
•Does it have any accreditations? to be better than the products already
One of our main issues was how to achieve a
and our
At the time we felt that the industry was available.
continuous flow of products to the public, so The distribution network receives new business
distributors. Selden’s heart is green
stagnant and manufacturers who had genuinely We realised that building GPS would be a slow
we began building a distribution network.
great products could not interest many of the
leads on a regular basis, as GPS does not have If you are a
process and that new technology and
larger distribution houses. The criteria was simple in our eyes, find a like
the infrastructure to service end user manufacturer that
understanding would take time even after
minded company that was interested in what customers and we have no intention of
has a product(s)
So Green Planet saw the opportunity and the which there were no guarantees of acceptance.
we were trying to do then allow them to expanding into this area.
that fit into what
value that could be developed by offering new This is why we wanted to go one step at a time.
introduce our range of products to their own
Green Planet
innovation a clear route to distribution and of The main benefit to current and prospective
client base.
Solutions are
course to the general market.
If we use the release of the Veltia new distributors is a constant supply of innovative Matt Anderson,
generation hand dryer as an example. We must educate a concepts and products which they in Green Planet Solutions
looking for or are
We set about the task of building relationships
interested in
The dryer runs on a smaller motor emitting very price
with the disillusioned manufacturers, testing
turn can offer to their clients giving distributing any of
less CO2 and almost halves the running cost conscious market
Law and Order
their products to ensure they were not only
them an edge over the competition. Green Planets products please feel free to
of a normal generic dryer. that in order to
green energy efficient and environmentally
contact Matt Anderson or any over members Selden Research tell us why
promote products and
There is however an education
friendly but they were as good as, if not better Great product but there were still more benefits
of the team at Green Planet Solutions.
materials that are
process involved when selling any
than existing products placed within their to be had by using the new dryer it reduced the
certified and can
new idea or product, but in general
market sector. actual drying time and all the water was
produce ‘cradle to terms the appeal, combined with the
they keep the environment close
The next challenge was to introduce the tried
collected within the dryer eliminating the usual
grave’ data – potential savings that can be made by
and tested products to a network of like
slip hazards associated with other dryers where
There are costs using the product or products will
minded distributors that would allow potential
the water is dispersed around the drying area.
that must be normally enable them to sell to their heart.
and existing clients to access the new But given the climate and general scepticism recovered and in themselves to any client wishing to
innovative products through their current the market has taken time to pick up on the most cases the reduce CO2 and increase CSR.
supply route. new generation dryers, this has now changed extra purchase This isn’t a hard sell!
Paul Dumbleton, Senior Director
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