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CSSA urges
You can still enter
NHS Trusts to
improve cleaning
the BCA awards!
The Building Cleanability Awards (BCA) is still hunting for
The Cleaning and Support Services buildings that are designed for effective cleaning.
Association (CSSA) today welcomed the
publication of the Care Quality
The 2009/2010 Awards will be the eighth scheme promoted
Commission’s report on NHS Performance
by the cleaning industry Livery Company – The Worshipful
ratings 2008/09.
Company of Environmental Cleaners, supported, as Awards
Patron, by The British Cleaning Council.
Speaking following publication, the CSSA
Chief Executive Andrew Large said:
This year sees the active involvement of the building design professions with both The Royal
Institute of British Architects and The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists helping
“The CSSA welcomes the publication of
promote the Awards to their architect and designer members.
this report. We are especially pleased that
the hard work that the NHS and cleaning
Associate Sponsors so far identified include The British Institute of Cleaning Science, Dougland
contractors have put in is reflected in a
Support Services, ISS UK, Mayflower Washroom Solutions and Selden Research.
one third reduction in the rate of C.Diff and Now is the time to put your building on the ‘cleanability’ map, since building cleanability is a
MRSA infections and a 5 percentage point key cornerstone of sustainable building management.
rise in compliance with standard C04a,
which refers to the reduction of the risk of
healthcare associated infections. ”
Call for immediate action
However, the CSSA believes that it Despite the large amount of publicity, it seems that some companies are still marketing the carcinogenic
remains unacceptable that compliance
urinal blocks in pursuit of profits. ‘Pineapple Chunks’ as they were known, are the mothball type urinal
with C04a is not at 100% in view of its
blocks, which do nothing to clean urinal pipes & traps, they just fragrance the room with a carcinogenic
importance to the reduction of infections.
‘gas.’ This material is not only dangerous by inhalation, it causes considerable damage to the aquatic
environment where it is absorbed into plant and marine life – thereby entering the food-chain.
Commenting on the detail of the report,
Studies carried out some years ago indicated paradichlorobenzene (pDCB) was building-up in
Andrew Large added:
European rivers and estuaries and, because of its use in washrooms, where it is directly flushed into
“This is no time for complacency in the
sewers & ultimately seas and rivers, responsible manufacturers ceased production and changed to
management of cleaning in the NHS.
non pDCB formulations. However, this material seems to be making a quiet comeback.
While good results have been achieved,
Simply examining the labelling of the urinal blocks from your supplier will indicate if profits come
the need to reduce the UK public debt
before health – yours and the environment. If the pack shows dead trees and dead fish the product
must not be used as an excuse for
they have supplied will be pDCB.
cutting cleaning budgets. This would be
It should be cheaper – but in the end it is costing you the earth.
counter-productive and put thousands of
lives at risk”.
“If Trusts have concerns about their ability
to provide a good cleaning service under
Jangro will return for third time
still greater budgetary constraints then I
Jangro, the largest network of independently was shown in its training programmes. The
would urge them to contact the CSSA and
owned janitorial supplies companies with 37 training programmes are fully certificated and
to share in the best practice that CSSA
branches across the UK, Ireland and the Isle of are referred to jointly as The Jangro Solution.
members have developed over a number
Man; has enjoyed a second very successful
of years in this field. CSSA members can
Total Workplace Management Exhibition.
This is an industry first and covers all aspects of
cleaning, including floors, carpets, washrooms
advise on innovative cleaning methods Jeremy Thorn, Marketing Director of Jangro
etc. Health & safety, safe working procedures
and management approaches that can said, “Based on the level and quality of
and risk assessment are also covered.
enable Trusts to continue to provide a high enquiries received in 08 and 09 we’ll be back
standard of infection control within next year. We’ve had a great response – a
The stand was busy from 9.00am without a
challenging financial conditions.”
good spread of enquiries from all sizes of
break for most of the show.
business and a mix of in house Facilities Jeremy said: “We were the only national
Managers, management companies, corporate janitorial supplies distributor exhibiting and we
end users and contract cleaners.” made many new leads for our regional network
as well as some national account enquiries.”
In addition to the Jangro Enviro range, which
was launched at TWM 08, considerable interest
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