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Techie Talk
Looking for a T&A bargain
in the January sales?
• What are our key areas for improvement? team, arrangements can differ as to who
• What Return of Investment do we expect
supports the product after the sale. In the event
from a new system?
of a problem, the re-seller would normally have
• What do we really want to change?
to go via the development company to get any
software amendments done.
2. What to consider when choosing your
new T&A system
Before deciding which kind of supplier you
When selecting a new system, it is important would prefer to work with, it is worth
for you to examine the need of other considering the following points:
stakeholders to ensure that you will get the
After-sale support:
greatest benefit.
Find out if the company that sells you the T&A
solution will supply you with the support or
Consider your employees and the ways in
will you have to go via the developers should
which they could access the new system.
Graeme Hughes of Innovise,
something go wrong? How qualified are their
Would you workforce be more comfortable
staff and how is their knowledge kept up to
gives us the Innovise 3-step
using a clocking-in machine or more efficient
using a handheld devise such as a mobile
date? Asking questions about the levels and
guide to T&A heaven.
phone to log-in online?
frequency of staff training will ensure that you
are able to rely on the relevant support being
Innovise know that deciding to purchase any kind
Administration staff:
available into the future.
of new business solution is a decision that is not
Decide who will be actually administering the
to be taken lightly. An expensive yet positive
system. Will this be done from one location or
investment into any business, the purchasing of
will managers in multiple locations be required
Ask who is responsible for making changes to
new technology is often seen as a complicated,
to administer data for their own teams?
the system. You need to clearly establish your
even frightening process. How do you ensure that Business Quirks:
point of contact in the event of a problem or
you get the solution that best fits your needs? Does your business have unique factors (shift
should you need a new functionality
implemented on your system. Should you
Time and attendance (T&A) systems vary –
patterns, payment categories etc) that need to
choose a company with an in-house
they are all different. Ranging from bespoke
be accommodated in a new T&A system?
systems designed specifically for your
The Future:
development team, it is still worth finding out
businesses needs, to the generic system that
Considering how your business operates now
if they are able to make system amendments
does what it says on the box.
and what technology you need to support that
within a reasonable timescale.
is one thing, but what about the way you want
We understand the concerns that people new to
IMPORTANT: ‘In-house’ teams may not be UK
your business to run in the future. Do you need
T&A technology may have therefore, through
or Europe based. Find out!
a system that will be flexible enough to develop
the information in this condensed guide.
alongside your future business needs?
And Finally....
Okay, so the first question that you need to ask
3. Assessing products and suppliers
Product brochures, websites and meetings can
yourself is:
As with the technology you are looking to
only go so far in showing you the full benefits
1. Do you actually need a new T&A system?
purchase, the suppliers also come in all shapes
(and complexities) of a new T&A system. To
It may seem like a nonsense question, but
and sizes. Some develop and sell their own
ensure that you are choosing the right system
often businesses believe they need an
systems, whilst others re-sell their systems from
for your business, the last leg of your
automated T&A system, but in reality, their
a range of different development companies.
investigative journey should include a visit to a
needs will not be satisfied with the
Full service companies:
site to see the technology working for yourself.
implementation of costly new technology.
A full service supplier has complete ownership of
T&A systems aside, Innovise would like to
If you are thinking of purchasing a new T&A
the software development process and the
wish you all a very merry Christmas and a
solution, ask yourself the following questions:
associated quality control. In the event of any
techie filled New Year!
• What do we want a new T&A system to do
problems with the software, their support team will
for us?
have direct access to the staff that developed it.
• How will a new T&A system improve the
service / operations that we currently have? As re-sellers do not support a development
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