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Carpets take a lot of abuse on a daily basis Entrance and barrier matting will do much to much to hide dirt and staining, while lighter
and if not looked after properly can soon stop the onslaught of mud and moisture that colours should only really be used in low
become tired looking. A good deep cleanse will attack the fibres of your carpet. In terms of traffic areas.
from a reputable carpet cleaning professional, maintenance, a correct programme will
Finally, many manufacturers will apply topical
such as those listed under The WoolSafe depend entirely on your building’s use and
treatments to their carpets to facilitate easier
Organisation’s Certified Operators network
usage levels, the types of areas involved, the
maintenance, but many of these will wear
can do wonders, but if not carried out
colour and style of the carpet and the type of
away as they simply coat the fibre. The
regularly enough, the carpet can soon be
fibre used. If you are unsure that your cleaning
Mohawk Group is one of the few manufacturers
beyond rejuvenation and more drastic
contractor or in-house team has got it right
to offer a treatment that is actually built into
measures are required.
then a consultation with an outside body such
as Cleaning Research International will help to
the fibre. Called Duracolor
this technology
The first signs of wear beyond help will be
make sure you give your carpet the best
also means that most stains can be removed
noticeable immediately after a clean. Traffic
chance of survival.
with water rather than having to resort to harsh
areas will look dull and lifeless and it will be
easier to spot a distinct ‘lane’ where footfall
Carpet types, or at least the fibre chosen, have
has compressed and dirtied the fibre beyond
a massive impact on the appearance retention
So to recap, the golden rules for getting the
rescue. If left for too long, these areas will
and durability aspects of your carpet.
most of your carpet:
• The right preventative matting
become increasingly dull and flat and beyond
Nylon and wool offer one of the best solutions,
this, threadbare, turning a once beautiful
being more durable. Of these two, advanced
• The correct maintenance procedure
carpet into a health and safety hazard.
nylon – commonly referred to as polyamide
• Regular deep cleansing
Before it gets to this stage, consider
type 6.6 – offers the best all-round
• The right fibre
replacement, but remember even before you
combination of performance, durability and
• A fitting colour and design
start the specification process that prevention
ease of maintenance. One of the most well
is better than cure. If your carpet seems to
known of these type 6.6 fibres is Antron
Abide by these and you will not only extend
have worn prematurely then ask yourself a
carpet fibre that is used by leading
the life of your next carpet, delaying the
couple of questions...
manufacturers such as Milliken Carpet,
considerable cost of replacement for years,
1. Did you employ a sufficient cleaning and
Burmatex, Desso and Vorwerk Carpets. This
but also help to maintain a more pleasant
maintenance schedule?
fibre’s special qualities make it exceptionally
environment for all building users.
hardwearing and easy to maintain and so it is
2. Do you have sufficient quantities of
ideal for commercial locations.
entrance and barrier matting of a good
standard in all the right places?
The colour and pattern of the carpet can also
have an effect on its longevity and if correctly
Did you answer no?
chosen will help to aid appearance between
Address these issues first...
cleans. Darker colours and bolder patterns do
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