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ing plan in about 2010. We recognized a trend in the business-to-business sector that showed positive results in the areas of interaction, search engine optimization and brand recognition that would spike our customer-base and reach more people in a shorter period of time. We feel we have a lot to off er our customers and it seemed like a very effi cient way to reach both our customers and prospects outside of traditional sales methods.

What benefi ts have you seen? Sioux City Foundry Co. has seen a

positive change in brand recognition, search engine optimization, as well as customer and employee retention. It allows us to communicate quickly with our followers and educate those who had no previous knowledge of some of the products and services we provide.

What kind of feedback have you received from customers?

We see a lot of additional brand

recognition from our existing cus- tomers. We have seen cases where a long-time foundry customer did not know we offer steel products and processing, reinforcing steel, struc- tural fabrication or contract manu- facturing that may benefit their company or the product we manu- facture in our metal casting division. Sioux City Foundry has been in the metal industry for 145 years and has evolved with each new opportunity. One of the greatest compliments we receive is our attention to detail and how we treat our customers like family. We truly are a “Foundry Family” here at Sioux City Foundry and we treat our customers as one of the family. We like to say that we don’t just make your products; we make your products better! We take the extra time to make sure we take care of our customers.

What is your social media strategy? Our social media strategy at Sioux

City Foundry Co. is always evolving! Based on market trends and who we are as a company, we like to incor- porate all types of media to balance between the fun, company events we are hosting such as our Manufacturing

Measurement System QCD-1 Porosity

ALUMINUM MEL TER S ! T.R.P. Vacuum Tester

Day and 145th anniversary celebration we hosted in October, to new products and services such as being honored by SSAB in 2016 as a Hardox Wearparts manufacturer. It has really proved to be a great tool to share and collabo- rate with others in the industry, share information we think has great merit in the industry, and keep followers up-to-date on all new and exciting progress at Sioux City Foundry Co.

What advice would you give companies looking to improve their social media presence?

Balance and post often. Balance

your use of photos, videos, shar- ing industry news, company events, employee and company achievements with your use of advertising products and services for your company. Mix it up and post often. See it as a tool for collaboration, rather than a task or chore you must complete to be a part of the world. Believe in your brand,

and project that in your social media and marketing strategy.

Who handles the social media? Is it a designated position?

Rachel Arneson, our Graphic Designer/Tech Assistant handles our social media, graphic design, web design and marketing for Sioux City Foundry Co. with sug- gestions for posts and input from all divisions. Developing content for fi ve divisions can be challeng- ing because so many great things are happening here at Sioux City Foundry Co., but I am so thank- ful for the input and excitement from our divisions regarding their projects and new developments within the company. T e more we utilize social media and gain brand recognition outside of our regu- lar customer base, the greater the enthusiasm within the company to show off their projects and services.

(True Reduced Pressure)

• Automatic measurement and recording of

Specific Gravity / Sample Porosity in 15 seconds.

• Eliminates the need to cut and polish the sample to yield a very subjective estimation of gas level.

• Measures the absolute vacuum level, eliminating the need for daily/weekly/ monthly calibration of the differential gage used on most RPT units.

• Fully automatic operation to pull the Absolute Vacuum to a target level of (+/- 0.20”Hg), run a timed cycle, and dump the vacuum.

Recent new customers include Continuous Cast Operations and Extrusion Melters, as well as our traditional Foundries and Die Casters

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