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schedule. Be flexible enough to adjust the strategy, as needed, to narrow the lead base down to a more qualified lead base.

Who handles the social media? Is it a designated position?

All social media efforts are handled

in-house. Answers submitted by Roseann Rimocal, Marketing Coordinator.

Sioux City Foundry (Sioux City, Iowa)

Facebook Likes: 365 LinkedIn Followers: 221 Twitter Followers: 331

Why did you decide to use social media?

We decided to begin using social

Sioux City Foundry uses its social media to speak directly to customers and its community.

TIPS FROM ANOTHER PRO Wendy Pilcher is the marketing manager for MAGMA

Foundry Technologies (Schaumburg, Illinois). She has vast experience in the metalcasting industry and also knows her way around social media. Modern Casting asked Pilcher for her thoughts on how metalcasters can be successful in the social realm.

For foundries, what are the benefits of using social media?

Prospects are always lurking in the background trying to learn as much as they can about you, your organization and your products and services before they even consider reaching out to actually speak with you. Posting items relevant to your prospect’s and your customer’s wants and needs shows them that you care and you are interested in their success as well as the success of our industry. You- Tube videos give prospects and customers a front row seat to see who you are and what you are about. Conversation about your organization, your products and your services are happening around you, it is best if you are an active part of that conversation.

What are the keys to successful social media?

Fresh, relevant, consistent posts that have to do with your organization, your customers and prospect’s wants and needs, your products and services. In addition, post about things that are happening in the industry that are interesting, fun or informative. Likewise, post fun, interest- ing facts or events happening in the world, especially if they are somewhat related to the foundry world. “What’s in it for me” is what your “followers” are looking for, so post

media to build the Sioux City Foundry Co. brand, as well as reach a larger demographic at the fraction of the cost it would take to market to our target audience in the traditional advertising methods. It has proved to be a great tool for our company and has been a positive way to interact with prospects, customers and con- tinue to build the brand. Sioux City Foundry Co. is so diverse in its capa- bilities, products and services, having five divisions within the company; it has been a great way to hone in on the target markets that would benefit from each product or services.

When did you decide to use social media?

Sioux City Foundry Co. began utilizing social media in our market-

from their point of view, not yours. What are some pitfalls foundries need to avoid?

Biting off more than they can chew. Do not start posting on every social media platform. Not all of them are relevant to our industry. In addition, coming up with fresh relevant content can take time, so commit to twitter or LinkedIn or YouTube first and build from there. Use a dashboard like Hootsuite so you can post to multiple platforms at a time instead of signing onto each platform. Dashboards also allow you to schedule posts so you do not need to sign on everyday. Be careful with this though, you do not want to schedule and article you read today to post next week. By then it is not fresh or relevant.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes, all social media platforms are easy to set up. But again, if you use more than one, use a dashboard to make your posting life easier. All platforms and dashboards have free services. Some have additional costs for differ- ent levels of services. For what the foundry world needs, you should not have to pay for any social media platforms or dashboards; their free offerings should be enough.

Is there anything else you can add?

Try to use a “call to action” in your posts, have a link to a paper or something else that people need to register for to capture leads, or at the very least a link can help you see if people are interested in what you are putting out there. How- ever, if you use a call to action that people have to register for in every post, you will lose followers and activity on your social media sites.

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