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When did you decide to use social media?

We started using social media in and around the middle of 2010.

What benefits have you seen? Benefits have come in different

ways. Te biggest is letting others know what we do at BCI to help with community and also employee recruit- ing and employee recognition. As far as customers or potential customers, we have about a 50% engagement that we can tell by asking our customers.

What kind of feedback have you received from customers?

We ask our customers when we visit or they visit if they follow or engage in social media with us or oth- ers in the past and it’s about 50%.

What is your social media strategy? We currently do not have a social

media strategy in writing but we do meet to talk about a plan and make adjustments to what we are doing on a daily basis.

Who handles the social media? Is it a designated position?

Tis area does require a full-time individual for your company to do it correctly. We have tried both ways and we fail when someone is not dedicated 100%. Answers submitted by J.B. Brown,


Chicago White Metal Casting Inc. (Bensenville, Illinois)

Facebook Likes: 478 LinkedIn Followers: 580 Twitter Followers: 307

Why did you decide to use social media?

Social media is a powerful market- ing tool and a vital component of internet marketing strategy (due to the search engine algorithms being in a constant state of flux). In order for a page to maintain or improve PageRank, it was significant to stay connected with updates and be able to adjust quickly to the updates that resulted in dramatic and immediate drops after a “roll out.” Additionally,

Facebook was launched for college students but was opened to the general public in 2006 and is the most popular social medium.

social media has earned a “holder” on the official promotional “tool belt” due to its importance in branding strategy, exposure, maintaining and improving company image, and the ability to network and connect easily with millions.

When did you decide to use social media?

I decided to use social media when I joined the Chicago White Metal team in 2014. I was previously a mar- keting manager at another manufac- turing company, and was aware that as search engine algorithms became more advanced, the technology in social media would soon follow.

What benefits have you seen? Improved relations with custom-

ers, industry organizations, local communities and schools; effective branding; exposure to millions of end users; promotional tools; improv- ing the company image; a noticeable increase in lead activity, when strategy is used correctly; a competitive edge; improved PageRank and organic traf- fic to the company website.

What kind of feedback have you received from customers?

I recall one customer that came to visit us directly commended our marketing efforts, stating that they decided to go with us because we

were organically everywhere. Chicago White Metal’s logo and name was found everywhere they looked, so they decided to contact us. Also, as a direct response in 2015 to another customer asking “I want to know more about who CWM is and what they stand for,” the direction of marketing in 2016 has been focused on getting to know the company and its people. It has been a very successful campaign.

What is your social media strategy? Without giving away too much

information, I would say that our primary focus would be to let the user experience a connection with our company on a personal as well as a professional level. Te individuals we have on our team have a level of involvement in the community that really exemplifies what our company and its people are all about. Tere is an opportunity to get creative and have fun with how it is done, catering to the “popularity contest” of our followers and viewers.

What advice would you give companies looking to improve their social media presence?

If you haven’t already—establish a

presence now. Measure results. See what your “fan base” is looking for, and integrate that into your company ser- vices and/or products. Get anyone you can involved in your strategy. Have a

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